How many cosmetics are in-game

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How many cosmetics are in-game

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How many cosmetics is it in apex legends skins, weapon skins, banner pose etc

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Re: How many cosmetics are in-game

@sebbabl I'm not entirely sure the total number across all legends and it would be hard for me to count them out exactly because there have been a ton of event exclusive cosmetics. There have also been the BP exclusive content as well.

How ever to answer your question there were initially 8 cosmetics. How ever there have been additions, Dive Emotes, Holos, and weapon charms. So I believe there are now 11 different types of cosmetics. If you count heirlooms than there are 12 different types of cosmetics in the game.

There are 4 different possible tiers, legendary, epic, rare, and common. Not all items have legendary cosmetics available.

If I had to guess on the exact number, I'd imagine its in the thousands. I know someone who has opened about 1200 packs in all (excluding event packs). They have most in game content unlocked, but there is still a substantial amount that is not unlocked.

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Re: How many cosmetics are in-game


A lot.



In legendaries alone I have 298 cosmetic items, and I'm missing some stuff lol.

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