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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

by Pretzelnutcake

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How is 'Champion' determined!??

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How is 'Champion' determined!??



I finished a game with 2200 damage, more kills and the final kill over my LL team mate(who died by the way, he had around 1200 dmg and less kills) but it made him champion the next game.....WTH? He said it was because he revived me 3 times.....CAN THE DEVS MAKE AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ON HOW IT WORKS!?

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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

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I wonder this one the champion squad get selected? Best of all 60 , based on what category/criteria?



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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

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Maybe the exp you earned in that game. Not sure. 

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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

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Funny story, was in a game where I had 9 kills iirc and was the kill leader as well,we fought our way to the very end before getting third partied and killed and lost that match of course, but the next game had ME as the CHAMPION like damn, the Octane on that team was being a * by teabagging my deathbox but did they deserve to have their champion status revoked lol, either way it was weird but atleast my efforts didn't go unnoticed :D
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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

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I can't say for sure but im rather sure about it.


The one with the highest rank previous game played gets it.

If there are multiple people a random one of those people gets chosen.


But a official announcement seems good.

This would not be a problem if you did not get extra XP from it and there is a badge people want to earn as well

( Win a game being champion and killeader )

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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

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During an obviously unstable server situation in my region where I and other players had several disconnects and the dreaded slow motion game I ended up dropping solo with no teammates in my squad and for some reason was the Champion squad. Only time I ever been Champion :P.

I have often wondered this as well. It would be a nice benchmark to know
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Re: How is 'Champion' determined!??

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I have been champion many times. For the most part from what I noticed is as follows.


It has very little to do with kills. It has nothing to do with your career stats.


Out of the total 60 players the player who had the best standing from their previous game will be the champion.

I can win a game, then log off for the night and when I log back in in the morning will most likely be the champion.

I have been champion for placing 2nd a few times and once even for placing 3rd with no kills.


When you play with a team and win the champion who had the best overall score on your team is picked.

1) It's not about total kills, it's about total score.

2) Kills+ revives + respawns + damage and so on.



That lifeline won it because she healed with her robot and dropped a lot of care packages. Doing such things add to total points.

Traveled distance might even be a factor as well as weapon accuracy.

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