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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

by Dilute7

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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Man I’m in the same boat. When I get home from work and want to relax with some video games, my go to game has been Anthem. I’ve gotten to the point though that I’m like “I don’t feel like carrying under geared noobs through GM2 content for the next 3 hours for a total reward of 5 useless Masterworks.” And just like you I haven’t gotten a meaningful upgrade for my main javelins in weeks. Hate to say it but I’m losing interest in the game because Legendary drop rates are abysmal for me. I was even getting to the point where I wanted to make some shop purchases but changed my mind since I’m losing interest. I just picked up Monster Hunter World since I never played it, and I’m having a blast. For Anthem to grab my attention again they need some substantial new content, or increase Legendary drops by about %1,000. And even then then I don’t know.

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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I've been playing storm since release, after getting disheartened with yet another duplicate legendary which doesn't help me progress, I've started playing the other classes and honestly, it's the best thing I could've done. It's great to actually look through my epic and masterwork loot at the end of an expedition instead of just instantly salvaging everything.
I think once you reach the stage where only a decent legendary drop will help your progress, everything that isn't a legendary is just a disappointment and the excitement and satisfaction gives way to frustration.
Hopefully the loot drops will improve by the time I get to that stage with my other classes.
The only problem now is I think storm needs some serious buffs as it feels pretty poor compared to the other javelin.
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