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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

by OdysseyHome

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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Well for me its simple at this point i DO not expect any good loot ive entered the if it drops it drops mentality i focus more in the combat experience, chat with my friends and drink nice ice cold bevereges while killin ugly mutants thats about it .Cocktail

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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I've pretty much lost my motivation to play the game.  I've got all 4 Javelins stuck in the mid to upper 600s and now I'm just waiting for new content.  I started playing Path of Exile on PS4....Super good game.

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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I’m a raid leader for almost 20yrs I help encourage people to die night after night hundreds even thousands of times until we achieve victory! The only thing that keeps me holding onto this game is to see if Cataclysms live up to my standard of raid difficulty/Reward.

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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I go into the game with my expectations set very high for not receiving any unicorns or legendary items...........if I get one it is a bonus.
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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

★★ Pro

Its fun for me, all the motivation I need. When it stops being fun the motivation dwindles.

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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I'm also losing my motivation to play Anthem.


I blame the loot / gear system. 

Too much RNG makes it impossible to make a personalized build.

You have to scab together whatever you have and pray to RNG.

Crafting hasn't worked out any better then hoping for a decent loot drop.


I've suggested a modular inscription system for everything, but I have no idea what they have planned.


I'm hoping this system changes soon.

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

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There aren't any other games I really want to play right now. I really enjoy the combat in this game and flying around like Ironman. So, my motivation right now is a lack of anything else I want to play.


The loot issues are motivating me to play less and less each day.

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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

★★★★★ Novice

I think the main issue is that it's confusing to players how to progress through the Grand Master Difficulties. When should you progress is hard to tell. If you try too early enemies take too long to kill. Too late and you're sabotaging your loot rewards from enemy drops and mission rewards; doesn't matter how quickly you clear content the chances per drop are much lower.


The game does have a recommended power level for each teir but I find that this power level is correct only when you use epic consumables to buff you just a bit more in gun damage or health if your javelin is squishy type. I was hoarding my embers thinking I should craft gear for better inscriptions but when I unlocked epics and tried a couple I kicked myself for not using them earlier and all the time. The game never really highlighted the importance of consumables, it made them feel like a optional "if your struggling" mechanic. They're not that at all!


I remember my GM2 grind to get all Masterwork components. I didn't realize that power level actually influenced flat damage so for a while I was stuck with my epic build with god rolled inscriptions; I didn't realize I was sabotaging myself. Only compare inscriptions between gear of same rarity! Once I got all MW components and Ability gear I found GM3 achievable when I started using epic consumables to buff damage or buff survivability depending upon my javelin.


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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

★★★★ Novice

I personally have not any problems with loot. So I don't understand what people are talking about. If your luck sucks, then your luck sucks. Even if you had 100%, people will still complain that their rolls are garbage. It will never stop. Even if bioware gave people guaranteed bis gear every hour, people will complain that there's nothing to do but log on every hour.


Maybe it's just me that like games like PSO/MHW where you have to grind for bis stuff for real, instead of spending their times on forums/reddit, so I don't understand the mentality of having "rare" items just rain everywhere.



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Re: How do you keep your motivation?

★★★★ Novice

In the different parties i play, while in voice chat, we discuss the loot system and mostly while doing this, Someone will yell out "a legendary!" and we'll all curse and then say gratz. It's fun. There's no toxicity, no saltiness, just 4 people enjoying the game together. I think that as long as you have a great group of people to play with or even a community of likeminded people, the motivation and the acceptance of "we're working on it" becomes more tolerable. 
I, myself have just passed the 450 hours ingame marker and i have 1 full legendary interceptor and slowly the rest of my javs are becoming legendary as well cause i keep getting components for those instead. I can think to myself....Dangit, i never play that class, why the heck am i getting a component for it? OR I can think to myself, cool, another component, maybe the game is trying to stimulate me to try out all 4 javs! 
I come and watch people who have been playing under 100 hours and they're complaining about the grind and how it's taking so long to get full gear and i'm like...uhm...I don't get it, why do some expect to get full gear in such short time? Is this like a rushjob where one HAS to complete the game within a week/month else they'll get punished? 
Yes, there is alot wrong with the game, but look at it from the bright side instead of ONLY pounding at what's wrong with the game. The new FoV is so frickin awesome, it's like you're playing a whole new game. Look at the extreme detail and lack of repeatables in the map. On the joypad (i do play on PC, but am using a joypad) i can actually walk through the lands and if you take it slow you'll see how much you've been missing when you were racing through. I think i've spent a little over 70 hours just walking through the map exploring.
I've just discovered even more cool details when i decided to only look upwards while walking through Fort Tarsis. There's so much to see, so much details alot of people have missed cause they were too busy complaining about the loot system and any other flaw the game might have.
Personally i think people in general, mainly "the complainers" spend too much time on Reddit where they go on and on about how bad the game is and lose their motivation that way, become toxic and start spreading more negativity about the game. I've seen it happen in the community I am part of. 
Overall the people in there are positive, mature players, some with their own family, some without, but 95% will agree when i say, the community is what keeps up motivation. Keep it positive, cause we've heard it all by now. We KNOW things are wrong in the game, deal with it. They're working on it =)  Have a nice day o/


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