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How are one shots fun?

by LethalGorilla

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Re: How are one shots fun?

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As usual @GammaX6  hit a large part of this on the head. I've had it happen a lot in the GW games and of course here. It is frustrating to get chomped while at the apex of a rocket jump, but a lot of this is latency and other connection issues which is inevitable with many players all connecting and playing the same game like this. 


I'm not a fan of one shots either, they can be very annoying when you're otherwise playing well. I've tried my best to adapt to these kind of attacks, but they still happen, and are still frustrating.


On a sidenote; I'm not a dev or anything but can we keep things civil? Part of why I stopped playing Overwatch is the nastiness, we don't need it here.

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Re: How are one shots fun?


@Iron_Guard8 Agreed ... and sign me up for that respect train.  People need to take that nasty attitude to another community.  

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Re: How are one shots fun?


We all have our opinions of what characters are op and can be abused.  Name calling is not going to change anything.  Try to be a bit more constructive in your criticism rather than blasting someone’s post.  We have the CM’s and devs attention while the game is young.  So try to think your responses out in a better way to get things accomplished.  Don’t like something?  Great! State why and what would be a good fix.  Toxicity is contagious in games and forums.  If it stays like this then it will just be another forum of low effort memes.

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Re: How are one shots fun?

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Yep... there has been a change in atmosphere in this forum lately sadly....
I think twice about posting/replying now and usually end up not bothering.

@GammaX6  thanku for your informative and constructive posts...
I am learning something new/have something new to think about nearly every day from you Large smile

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Re: How are one shots fun?


Many of these new/rude people don’t understand some of us have known each other years and pay each other respect even when we strongly disagree with one another.  Some of us are friends outside of the game/forums and celebrate bdays, holidays together etc.


I’ve never blocked people here in the EA forums but that’s always an option. 😊👍


Don’t let the bullies bother you, @Asabaida ...  you’re super constructive and even if your opinion isn’t popular (usually is), devs and mods want to hear all opinions. assured that mods are watching these threads and will handle up on things before the forum goes to trash.


Back on topic (for me), I agree that some of the abilities are the only way some people can get kills (whether skill or latency) and even though I don’t like many of the abilities, I’ve grown used to them.


(Almost forgot  - @dwooten77🙄 whatever, man.... whatever!)

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