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How To Clean Up This Game

by DoYaSeeMe

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How To Clean Up This Game

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I keep seeing players threatening to leave if the cheaters are not wiped out. It's not right, though, cheating is actually a very hard thing to get rid of. I find the number of cheaters removed by Respawn to be staggering, it underlines that the problem lies deep within our corruptible, power hungry nature.


The simplest solution is right in front of us: we need to keep playing! The more we are, the lower the cheaters count per match goes, while the volume of reporting will stay high. Keeping a big, steady playerbase makes it worth for devs to put in more effort to fix the problems and improve the game. Apex legends is not actually free, instead of money, it actually costs a little more effort from us players to help bringing it at the same level with games for money, like Overwatch, Destiny, etc.


I do see a decrease in numbers of hackers on the server where I play, I rarely encountered any in the last few weeks, although I exclusively play solo queue. I'm sure the devs team takes this matter seriously, they've put way more hours in creating this game than us playing it.

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