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How Anthem PvP can work

by DonStoneld

Original Post

How Anthem PvP can work

★★★★ Novice
How Anthem PvP can work (in my mind)
Major changes from base game
No flying, only hover. By only having hover, you can use the environment to your advantage. 
PvP items are different than PvE
Basic items only, no MW perks
No +damage, shield, armor, resistance, or charges inscriptions
No detonating combos for mega damage
Not invincible during ultimate
Armor and Shield 
Colossus      200 150 
Ranger         150 150 
Storm           125 175
Interceptor    125 150
Items are PvP only
No MW or Legendary perks, for balance
White No stats 
Green 1% stats
Blue 2%
Purple 3%
Master work 4%
Legendary 5%
Could introduce gear sets with bonuses
Item Stats / Inscriptions 
Reload speed
Mag size 
Hover longer 
Shield recharge speed
And delay
Gear recharge speed 
Armor drop chance
Ammo drop chance
No +damage, shield, armor, resistance, or charges inscriptions, for balance
Probably forgetting others
Currency is a PvP coin
Earned by wins and medals
Sells all items 
Choose which stat/ inscription you want 
Filter by type, rarity & stat 
Also sells vinyls, wraps, decals 
Modes and Team Size
4v4 & 6v6
Plant the bomb
Free for all
Battle royale lol
Areas from Free Roam
Scar Town, Scar Tower, The Pistons, Shadow Mark, 
Various caves would be perfect, Fortress of Dawn, etc.
Plenty of usable areas already in the game 
Balance Issues
Storm's seeking flame
Freezing people 
Interceptors ultimate duration 
Abilities that stagger or knockdown
Play as Freelancers, Dominion, or Outlaw
Clan bonus
Some leveling system
Not sure about crafting or consumables
PvP is fun and competitive 
Brings in more players
Anthem gameplay is amazing
By having base items only and separate gear, PvE doesn't get nerfed and PvP gets it's own balance tweaks. 
Why not lol
Let me know what you think about this below! 
Thanks for reading.
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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

★★★★★ Guide


*pulls up a seat and grabs some popcorn*




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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

★ Pro

*psst* "did you silence your phone? Oh, and pass the popcorn!"

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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

★★★★ Novice

Nothing to say? You just want to see what other people reply?


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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

★★★ Guide

@DonStoneld wrote:

Nothing to say? You just want to see what other people reply?


I don't think there is much more to be said that hasn't been said ad nauseum. There have been a gazillion threads on this, and every discussion on it devolves into name calling and such. Hence, "pass the popcorn" is how most of us feel when we see these threads on PvP pop up. Beer

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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

[ Edited ]
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Yeah I don't why name calling ever gets into it.  PvP would be outstanding and I spoke to someone the other day during their stream who says they are only sticking with Anthem long term because the game really does have such high PvP potential.  Maybe I won't give away that crazy Ranger tip...what if I give it away and they eventually make the game PvP?  The MAGA is pondering now...


BTW they could just use the existing dungeons from Freeplay for our maps then we could still fly just not that high

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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

★★★ Guide

Wasn't built to be PVP, and from gaming history we know how badly any attempt to turn a non-PVP into PVP and vice versa turns out, so why beat a non-existent horse...Purchase a game designed from the ground up to be PVP. Just IMO

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Re: How Anthem PvP can work

★★ Guide

next time try searching a topic before posting a new one, because history tells us pvp is not happening here.

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