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Re: Hopeless Addict Sends His Feedback

by DrBonifarz

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Hopeless Addict Sends His Feedback

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Oh by the way, Titan Hail on Colossus is totaly busted... I got 80 power 250+100% gear damage and it deels 63k+11k damage at hit... It said its Create a lagre physical explosion for each enemy hit... I think its mean, that it deal damage twice... But... it didnt... It does 63k damage once... Which is apperantly count 250+100% gear increase... But then it deal second one, which is 11k... I think 11k must also have 350% bonus. DUH. Broken!


 But ok, thats not why im here. Im here to humbly ask for some at least minimal updates to a game? Just boost XP for every mission at least 3 times... Ok, i think its kind of too much, but no realy...


 Let me explain.


 IM NEVER GONA GIVE UP ON THIS GAME PERIOD. And im fully intend to playing this game forever.... Strong words, i guess i reconsider after like... 6 month. Whatever... Also, i hear a sight of fear somewhere in the forum... probably from moderators or Bioware imployees... "OMG not this dude again". Fine, not an angel myself, probably go too far on twitter especially....


 But can you ease of the grind plz? I want weekly alliance bonus each week. At max 10+full 10 graph... Dont worry, it will not break the economy, and lets be fair, your loot system is terrible... let me check my weapons tab...


 Yep, not a single weapon is 425, meaning 250+175% damage... God man... i mean, potential to find good weapons is insane! I didnt even started... After... ekhem!... 2391 hours in the game... Jezus...


 At least boost XP grind, so i dont have to play it that much. Weekly\Dailys and you 9 lvl alliance... i want to play other games too... Legendary Edition, probably Dragon Age. Ke? Bosmang?


 PS: Good little koyo... Clash Ashford, traitor to the belt etc...


 PS2: By the way... Art Of Anthem. Page 74. Colossus armor scetch. There is some... boxes on Armor... Is this Dynamic Armor? You know, explosive in boxes? From tanks? Cool.

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Re: Hopeless Addict Sends His Feedback

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Hey @Gospodin_DpakoH 


Just enjoy the game, nobody is forced to level up the alliance system on a weekly basis. If you have a couple of friends active, it’s just another way to get some free coins.


When the work on Anthem Next was canceled, it was also announced that updates to the current game are not a priority. So don’t expect patches or server side changes any time soon. 


Items with +425% Dmg are indeed super rare, but also rather useless. A few percent less weapon or gear damage makes almost no difference. E. g. if you Play Colossus, 90% of your damage output probably stems from combos. Though, good double combo rolls are extremely rare as well.


*flies away whistling* „never gonna give you up“

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