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Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

by Sekurity

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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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I am not a fanboy but I am still enjoying the loot hunt. I guess its because the combat is fun and the drop rate is almost right.  I know its a different genre but I got the same feeling with only  a few game before like diablo 3 (first year) . 


I agree that there are missing features and the content is barely enough to have fun with but the only way to make this game to get better that we keep playing it so the "suits people" will check the numbers and won't cut the resources for a long time so it can become a perfect looter shooter in the long run better than any of these types of games before. 


The core is there . Nobody should give up on this great game after a month.



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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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I think many cover up the fact that they lack in player skills and try bash the game instead.

I think Anthem has its problem but they are minor and I think EA and bioware are heading in an awesome direction.


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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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@MEBengal2001 wrote:

@Sekurity wrote:
That was another issue that I forgot to mention. The endgame gearing. Even though I am well past it, I can understand the issue because I went through it.
Going from hard to GM1 to gear up was a bit rough as a storm.
Going from purple to masterwork components is a CRAZY amount of armor and shield increase. Being full purple components, and getting 1 masterwork gives you MORE armor and shields than all 6 components combined....who thought this was ok? It only started feeling OK after I got 2 to 3 masterwork components. I'm no noob either, I enjoy difficult content. But it feels like they missed a step in the middle of epic to masterwork.

Mission consumables, you have used them right? I used them the second I join any Master content. It made a difference as I got into a group where everyone expect me kept going down in my first contract. We beat it and it took a while but it was what it was. I than ran two more as the gear I got had zero luck and I know how valuable luck is in Anthem. I continued to run content on Master with my epic gear until I had almost 500 Gear Score prior to the update. I wish I would have spent more time grinding out with my epic luck gear as I had quite a bit of luck and it took me until this week to get it back. 


This game open world is bigger than any other open world game I have played, but the devs also restrict us to only four javelins in free play. I would like to see more players in the free play instance but it is what it is; if it helps them manage their servers better, so be it. 


Anthem maybe a loot shooter but bioware tends to create story driven games. Have you tried to replay the game story selecting different options? I'm asking as it does change the story flow, not a lot but enough to make it worth replaying the game; whereas other loot shooters and mmos you don't have another option in the story, so you always play the same story making the story boring, Bioware gives us a bit more flexibility. That is if you decide to replay the story.


The other thing if you only play one javelin the game will get boring fast, really fast. I play the javelin and I'm enjoying the variation in combat between them. My favorite is the storm but each one is unique and makes it worth playing them if you want a change in pace to the game. 


I know Anthem has its issues but tell me one game that doesn't have bug or an issue with gameplay. They all have something wrong with them, you may not see it but someone else will and because of that, no game is ever perfect. 


I know I'm not playing as much Anthem as I did at launch, mainly because I want the sun to come out so I can play outside and enjoy the outdoor life again. 

Yes, I knew about consumables. But again, i think the deeper issue was going from purples to masterwork and that being 36 times more armor and shields than purple. But again, thats a minor point that doesnt effect me anymore. It was more of a communal concern.

The actual world is decently big, sadly not much is going on for the size of it. I thought 4 was an OK amount to start with and I know they are going to add more.

I'm not really interested in replaying the story as I found it being just OK.

My main is a Storm, I messed around with the Colossus and Interceptor. I started gearing up my Ranger, but that's when I decided to call it quits for now.

But believe me. I'm a long time gamer. I've experienced many different genres of games, so I am well aware of typical game fallout and what to do to keep interest like changing classes, builds, etc. The issues I've expressed is not part of that fallout. It's core game issues.


Thanks for your input.

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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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@Sekurity wrote:

@cake404 wrote:

       Man, you must be fun to be on a hiking trip with. “What is the point of all this walking just to sit down and have a sandwich? I could have just gotten a sandwich at a fast food joint. All this outdoor space is empty and useless.

Well there's the issue right there. If I signed up for a hiking trip, clearly I want to go hiking. (Or I was dragged in on it by my GF which then, yes, I would most likely be miserable, but that's beside the point)


Anthem is not a hiking simulator. Anthem is not Tomb Raider where you run around and find long lost collectibles. Anthem is not a petting zoo simulator. Anthem is not a scenery simulator. Anthem IS a looter shooter RPG.

Anthem is a Bioware ARPG where they put in the effort in doing what they do best, while also trying to do some things differently. Its biggest problem is that people peg it as a “looter shooter” because you can loot and shoot things. But that’s not all it is.


Some people love flying around freeplay just to relax and enjoy the scenery. That’s part of the reason it exists. You’re not stuck in dungeons where you only have a linear path from start to finish. You can come back to a place you saw in a mission and explore it further, then go somewhere else and check out what’s over that way.


If you’re not one of those people that enjoy that kind of thing, that’s fine. If all you care about is loot, you can keep doing missions. But that doesn’t mean freeplay is “useless” and shouldn’t have been in the game. I personally am not a fan of the whole “looting” mechanic where skorpions can somehow drop legendary autocannons. That’s not why I bought the game. But some people enjoy that for some reason. Let people enjoy things.

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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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@KABOOM-Ugone ,
I hope this wasn't directed at me? My original post didn't mention anything about difficulty.
I'm a bit confused why you would just post this to insult honest feedback from people. Not everything you like will be liked by everyone. Some people require more.
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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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@cake404 wrote:

@Sekurity wrote:

As far as my statement about the open world being an illusion, I explained it quite clear. 80% of it us empty and useless. Mountain/cliff sides are built just as boundaries. Theres nothing up there. As far as the open

do you consider it a "hiking trip" to walk on a treadmill day after day in the same featureless room facing a blank wall?

Do you consider freeplay to be a featureless room facing a blank wall? Because I’m not sure what to tell you in that case. I still get lost in admiring the scenery even in locations I’ve been to before. What reminds me of walking on a threadmill is the “progression” where you keep doing the same dungeon because it’s the most “efficient” dungeon to run for getting guns with bigger damage bonuses to kill bosses with bigger health bars so you can get guns with even bigger damage bonuses so you can kill bosses with even bigger health bars, and so on and so forth. If that was all there was to the game, I would have little to no interest in buying it. The fact that it has a freeplay mode where I can just fly around and take in the world they created, was a major selling point for me.


And again, freeplay is also supposed to have world events that give you enemies to kill and rewards to loot (including chests at the end). If you’re not getting world events, it’s most likely a bug.

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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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@cake404 ,
I know that Anthem is not just a looter shooter. But my point is I'm not loading into the game to fly to the highest peak and gaze out at the scenery. I play for the combat, quests, strongholds, and crafting. The basis of the game. Yes theres exploring, scenery, collecting, etc. But those are a very small part what the main game is. Which is why I said all those things that Anthem is not simulator.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say "Freeplay is useless and shouldn't be in the game." I like the idea of freeplay.

Voicing my concerns is in no way not letting people enjoy the game. I bought the Origin Premiere monthly pass as well as bought the collector's edition, so I believe I have some right to voice my concerns especially when I'm doing this whole post to better the game. I'm doing more of a service for the community stating issues and fixes rather than just quit without explanation or post a rage post insulting the devs and anyone who disagrees with me.

It's been quite civil except for the one child who started their post disrespecting myself and anyone who agrees with me.
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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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So what exactly is your issue with freeplay then? You say you like the idea of freeplay, but so far I get the impression that you don’t enjoy it very much. Do you want enemies every ten feet? Enemies up the cliffs so you have a reason to go up the cliffs? Do you want nodes with masterwork embers everywhere?


I mean, it will have empty space, obviously. You can’t have the landscape literally crawling with stuff like SWTOR Makeb was at launch of that expansion. But I dunno, I personally don’t seem to have trouble finding enemies. I didn’t literally time it, but subjectively it feels like no matter where I go, I bump into more enemies and/or freeplay events every minute at least. Maybe your game is different because of either server-side issues or client-side issues. Like the server not loading up enemies until it gets a green light from all the clients in the area, to avoid spawning enemies you can’t see because their models aren’t loaded yet on your system.

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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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And now, people applaud them for getting rid of 1 loading screen, like it's the greatest accomplishment ever, when going to forge, good show. Why was it there in the first place if it can be just removed?

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Re: Honest opinion from a fanboy who is leaving Anthem

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The majority of it is empty wilderness. There are set places that they don't show you that have world events that can spawn. You constantly have to fly around following a player made map out of game, or you just fly around aimlessly hoping you are going to find one eventually. Yes there's small clumps of wildlife every once in awhile, but other than that, again, you have nodes every so often that drop mostly useless stuff because you are really only going for masterwork for crafting and epics for consumables. But most of it you can never end up using all of it or you don't have enough to do anything with.

As I said before, it would be nice if there were roaming mobs carrying a supply crate to another settlement. Kill the roamers, get a chest.
Being able to turn 10 green embers into 1 blue, 10 blue into 1 purple, etc.

You are told through radio communication that a world event is near. Why not expand that radar to 1/4 of the map and show current world events that are able to spawn. Problem solved.

Copy and pasting randomly clumped mobs every so often doesn't fix the problem.

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