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Holy smokes Batman toxicity level rising!

by Skyward3

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Re: Holy smokes Batman toxicity level rising!

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 Don’t you think maybe you’re going off the deep in just a bit I mean yes the game is definitely lacking polish it’s rough to say the least but they are committed to fixing some of the things that we’ve mentioned.


 Also ask yourself this how many hours have you played this game and out of those hours how much enjoyment did you receive for your payment.


I’m asking this because the analogy seems like that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he’s eating all those crunchy carrots and gripes non-stop about how bad they are. 

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Re: Holy smokes Batman toxicity level rising!

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@NoInstall wrote:

@Dalistar17 wrote:

My guess is that Bioware is in a little over their heads. I believe this is their first attempt at a totally live game. I would rather them come out and say look, we're in new territory and we need to get this right, here are 10 new armors for sticking it out. Wishful thinking cause I know EA would never give anything away for free. 

No. They have SWTOR mind you that's not saying much since it took them a year to fix the Black Talon bug but this is a whole new level

Bioware Austin had experience with SWTOR, Bioware Edmonton had zero experience with MMO's. The same company with 2 different visions. Explains how things went so wrong.

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Re: Holy smokes Batman toxicity level rising!

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Completely agree. Top Dollar games should not be in this kind of condition. Even after the first patch. 


On the other hand. This is the beginning of April. BioWare has gone kind of silent. Maybe they are working on a really good patch..?!?!? 

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Re: Holy smokes Batman toxicity level rising!

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@RabbidWallaby wrote:

Year 1 and 2=Hey I have an ideal for a game. Year 3-4=Lets name it Anthem then figures out a search on game gets you more medical blue cross blue shield returns yet can't come up with nothing better. Year 5-6=maybe actual development.



Hehe that's pretty funny. But really thats also kinda impressive if what we are playing now was developed in a year or even in two years. 

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Re: Holy smokes Batman toxicity level rising!

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@Amongtheweak wrote:

Maybe they jumped into the deep end without learning how to swim first perhaps?

Kinda' like "swimming" in Anthem?


Nothing works as expected, and by the time you figure it out...

you've forgotten what you were there to do, or run out of time to do it.  Thinking

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