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Help with questions after the demo

by oHeXo

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Help with questions after the demo

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Thanks to Sofajockey UK’s post from @Hrungr and the BSN BioWare Social Network for the information. Wanted to delve a little deeper into the game after the demo and wanted to ask a few questions to anyone who can shed a little more light.


▲ If you are disconnected from the server for any reason (or kicked from your group), you should not lose your Loot Drops or XP. [Source]
▲ Higher Tier Loot that you missed picking up will be mailed to Fort Tarsis for you. [Source]


Can anyone confirm this from the demo? I got disconnected from the servers right at the end of a victorious stronghold mission. Didn’t get any gear…was very disappointed at the time as you can imagine!


▲ Because Anthem has a shared world and private hub, the structure of the game naturally splits groups apart. “I jump in and I’m able to do a mission with somebody, and that’s an experience that lasts maybe 20 minutes,” Warner says. “And then the system breaks us apart; I don’t have to say ‘I don’t want to play with you anymore.’ It just does. It breaks us apart and we each go back to our own Fort Tarsis.” Of course, if you and your friends just want to stick together and play for hours on end, you can do that without constantly disbanding and reforming the group. [Source]


I felt like a lot of going back and forth between Fort Tarsis. I was quite happy not to go back there after each mission but wait in the ‘lobby’ (once you get in the javelin screen). I had to re-join my friend a few times but maybe this was just a bug?


▲ Regardless of power level, any players can team up and start fighting. “It’ll feel like it’s the same amount of damage,” Irving says. “The difference will be, if I have a greater variety of gear at my disposal, I’m going to be more efficient because I have more things to use than you. But the idea is that it will feel good – it will feel like we’re both contributing.” Even if high-level players are doing a mission that takes place late in the critical path, low-level players still have the option to join – if they confirm that they don’t mind spoilers. [Source]


Does this mean enemies scale to your level? E.g. I can play with a level 30 at level 3 and we will both be able to take them out.


▲ In Co-Op, you should be able to view other players' builds (armor, talents, etc.). [Source]


How do you do this?



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Re: Help with questions after the demo

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XP was lost, Loot was in your inventory, new mission + leave to collect.
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