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Help playing sims WITHOUT origin login

by hannahcoursey

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Help playing sims WITHOUT origin login

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I’ve had almost all the sims 2 and sims 3 expansion packs as well as the base sims 4 downloaded on my laptop and then all of a sudden every time i click on a game to play it i’m FORCED to login to origin and none of my sims games are downloaded on it. I read other forums and every single person things going through origin is literally so dumb, they had to uninstall and reinstall their sims games for it to work through origin and i’m not going through the process of reinstalling all of the sims games just so i can log into stupid origin. it’s annoying and no one knows how to fix it, if anyone knows how to get bypass the origin login PLEASE HELP, i refuse to uninstall and reinstall my games. 

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Re: Help playing sims WITHOUT origin login

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @hannahcoursey


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with launching The Sims games, but I'm afraid there's no way of starting the games without Origin Frown You need to be logged into correct EA account. Please check if you can see the games in your game library - if not, then you're probably using the wrong account to play.


If you're having any issues with establishing the login details for the correct account, I suggest contacting our live support. Our game advisers should be able to locate the right account for you if you give them one of the activation codes for The Sims game or expansion Standard smile





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