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Heirloom Thoughts - WDUT?

by rockyboy1998

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Heirloom Thoughts - WDUT?

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So, I am one of the players that is lucky enough to have got Heirloom shards on this game out of my packs. I have spent some money but not a lot. 


I have some idea's on how they could be made better and wanted to know what people think? 


Current Heirloom Package: 

  • Actual Heirloom itself / Animation 
  • Banner Pose 
  • Quip 

What I think you should get: 

  • Actual Heirloom itself / Animation 
  • Banner Pose 
  • Quip 
  • Finisher 
  • Weapon Charm (to match picked Heirloom) 
  • Weapon Skin (to march picked Heirloom) 
  • Character should hold the Heirloom in the lobby. 

Now some of you might think that some of this is slightly excessive but for the rarest possible items in the game that some people spend bundles of cash to get I do think you should get more. 


Separate thought: 

Some of the Heirlooms animations aren't the best, Wraiths isn't that great and neither is Bloodhounds so maybe these two legends could get a couple more animations added into the variety. 

Some of the animations are awesome, like Caustic, Mirage, Pathfinder, Lifeline etc. 


Separate thought 2: 

I think it would also be a good idea if you could use your legend tokens to customise your Heirloom. For example let's take Pathfinders gloves, maybe having the option to change the colour, the images on the LED display or even the animation that he does when he uses them. Wraiths Kunai is a dark grey colour with a purple at the end, maybe being able to change the colour at the end would be cool too! 


Let me know what you think, really interested to see what people think about this concept / idea. 

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