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Has Anthem been shuttled down the conveyor?

by ComeWithMeKitty

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Has Anthem been shuttled down the conveyor?

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Has Anthem been shuttled down the conveyor chute of the game development framework?


Did the whole Anthem dev team move over to DA4?  Of which the same Frostbite Engine is being used as per EA requirements.  If I read correctly, many in the fan base think this is the underlying reason for the issues Anthem is experiencing.  Given a square hole with a round plug to fill it with.  Same gig.  New and larger school of fish from which to trolley with DA4.  We must have been the small school or the stragglers.


"In October 2018, Bioware and its parent company EA cancelled "Joplin" (DA4) altogether, reportedly because it did not provide for a "live service" component providing ongoing monetization opportunities, as was expected by EA.  Development of Dragon Age 4 was restarted under the code-name "Morrison", this time with a live-service component and based on Anthem's code."  -


Assuming this has an ounce of truth to it, that DA4 is "based on Anthem's Code?" Hopefully just the "monetization" feature.  Which is a total fail for Anthem.  This opinion comes from someone who has been a regular patron of in-game real money stores.


So with Anthem, they opened a can of worms and left them spilled on the floor, and now they have run off with another possible can of worms to open elsewhere?  What is that definition of insanity?  Some say that well-known, overly used cliche is unfactual, but what the free play world is going on here with Bioware's black hole, sucking in everyone's money and giving nothing back in return.  The cliche appears to be factual in this instance.


What is really going on here Bioware...EA?  Any comments?


If only a fly on the wall could only talk.  Or perhaps if Goose the little ginger kitty strolling the halls of EA could talk, what would he have to say to Agent Fury,  "Oh, they just parked the development of the Anthem black hole to focus their efforts on the DA money train (some 15 DLCs in the franchise per Wikipedia), since it has been such a huge profitable success for them in the past, unlike the Anthem because its not completed yet.  And DA4 has Anthem's Dev team while Anthem gets coded by a two-person team on remote terminals from the coffee break room between other tasks.  Do you hear that?  "Get back to work on DA4 guys...break time is over!"


Have we, the Anthem fan base, been shuttled down the conveyor chute bins of the norm in the game development framework?


The truth about game development framework?


Has Anthem been pushed along in the framework stage before it is even finished?  

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