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Re: Hardcore servers

by Tydfil

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Hardcore servers

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When will Hardcore servers be available for Battlefeild V?  Also, if it is not already in progress I’d like to suggest a more Battlefeild 4 type of Hardcore mode.  Hardcore mode is a must for most battlefield veterans or at least allowing player to rent a server and giving them the option to create a Hardcore mode!  Thank you!

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Re: Hardcore servers

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Hi @54385


I see no info about hardore mode but as lot of contents they probably come later with an update.


We do be patient, but if we have hardcore mode in solo mode we will probably have an hardcore mode in multiplayer mode later.


If we have answer to your question please accept solution.


See you soon on Battlefield!

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Re: Hardcore servers

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Hardcore is a staple setting for a lot of players; I personally know many players, some elite tier, that won't play without it so you can guarantee we'll see its return later down the line.


BFV core plays pretty similar to BF4's HC mode already so that's a bit of a plus.



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Re: Hardcore servers

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I hope that hardcore servers do come, makes the game so much better and strategic as one hit will kill so need to think instead of just barrelling out into the open. this is not cod.

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Put in Hardcore Servers

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Please and thank you. 

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Re: Put in Hardcore Servers

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There is a lot more that needs fixing before HC servers.

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Re: Put in Hardcore Servers

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HC serversor remove deathcam.. no meed for killcam..

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Re: Hardcore servers

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How has EA not commented on this subject. I cant be alone in saying that I have been waiting since launch for hardcore servers. Reddit shows massive amounts of players wanting and asking for hardcore gameplay. I'm tired of having to pump 2 high powered rifle rounds into an enemies head at 40 yards or having to shoot a enemy 3 times with 50cal machine guns from an airplane. This needs to be a priority.

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Re: Hardcore servers

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I agree completely! the game is good but not great! BF1 was perfect when playing HC. WE NEED HC!!!!!! that is what sets this game from the pack. come on EA/DICE!!!!!


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Re: Hardcore servers

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I have from the past Battlefield games some great experience with Hardcore, Bf3 was the best balance and needed to be on Back to Karkand map.  Great times. :D


I'll pass along the feedback about Hardcore servers. 




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