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Re: Hard pass from me

by xIVitiateIx

Original Post

Hard pass from me

★★★★ Novice

Sadly , i was looking forward to buy this game but after playing today's open beta, i am afraid this will be a  very easy decision: HARD PASS!


My reasons are as follows:


  • aiming on PC is atrocious, clunky and unresponsive, you can't stop the reticle where you want most of the time
  • flying on PC: frustrating, buggy, with controls that are not allowing the Interceptor class to properly execute his abilities (air to ground spin melees and so on) properly. In case you don't know,   you need to press SEVEN KEYS on PC to perform a air to ground slam attack, the worst combo of them all being the : Spacebar+shift to jump fly, followed into a Left CTRL+ triple tap to gain momentum, reposition reticle then press V to perform the super air to ground attack. Examples such as this are numerous and for many classes, and it just reeks as bad PC port
  • swimming on PC: simply put, i just ALT+F4 at that point, nothing left to do
  • mouse acceleration built on top: JUST NO...
  • UI is atrocious: trying to chose quickplay and a mission, well.. i never experienced such thing in a video game, so much back and forth between menus
  • no in game text chat, for a game that requires communication and team!
  • buggy sound
  • town walking , no option to let me speed thru town to get from point A to B faster. Why?
  • Bad, very bad optimization. I have managed to stable it on 60 fps with medium settings. On a 1080  and I7K, with temps rising like mad. No, just no!
  • voip hidden, i havent found anyone in game using it. And trust me, it wont be used much, the lack of text chat will aggravate this
  • freeroam: lag, fps drop, goes boring after 15 minutes.
  • Keybinding is a mess, some keys can't even be assigned, like ALt
  • weapons reticles...LOL, just LOOOOOOOOOOOL

I should go on, because i do have much more reasons but i think that for me, even the ones i have listed are enough to turn me permanently off this game.

Clearly Anthem was developed with console in mind (nothing wrong there) and the PC port is a hot mess, rush broken game.

GL with your game tho, i know many will bite on it. Especially console players, obv. PC players got royally screwed DevilDevilDevil

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Re: Hard pass from me

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M+KB has been fixed in full release, aiming/flight/swimming and acceleration. Text chat is due to an accessibility law. Town walking has been changed to allow running. Optimization will be far better in full release. Lag in free roam is either your pc or optimization, one of which again will be better on launch. Not sure about the complaint towards reticles, they were fine for me.
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Re: Hard pass from me

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They've already addressed a majority of your issues.  I think in game chat is the only one I've not seen anything about.

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Re: Hard pass from me

[ Edited ]
★ Apprentice

So ill respond to your feedback

1. Don't have this issue at all

2. Flying seems fine to me its a little clunky but i think its workable

3. Swimming sucks on ALL platforms idk why they put swimming in at this point lol

4. No OP

5. I think the UI could use some work indeed.

6. No OP

7. Town walking: DEV team SAID release date you can RUN in the town (read up some :D

8. The optimization is bad but i was running at 2560x1440P 55-75 High settings could use work indeed but not terrible 

9. I do think the VoIP is broken in the game i and no one i know has gotten it to work at all.

10. Free roam: dont have this issue

11. Keybinding the keys SUCK on this game had to changed every single key almost lol

12. Weapon Reticles (This is a 3rd person shooter this isn't even a valid argument?) The snipers work fine i like them alot!


I agree it was made for console but i think the PC version is better once you plug in a controller to it

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Re: Hard pass from me

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@xIVitiateIx wrote:

They've already addressed a majority of your issues.  I think in game chat is the only one I've not seen anything about.

To get you up to speed.


"Brenon Holmes explains the implementation is complicated by the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), which mandates text-to-speech functionality in certain games released after 12/31/18."

"The FCC had extended its video game industry waiver for another year back in December, which means games released past December 31, 2018 will have to adhere to these guidelines. While the task of turning all text in-game to speech would be monumental, it’s disappointing a publisher as big as EA isn’t able to commit to having these features."

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Re: Hard pass from me

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I wasn't quite fast enough to post "in b4 someone says 'it's an old build they're fixing it.'"

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Re: Hard pass from me

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Thanks for the info, wasn't aware of that!

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Re: Hard pass from me

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i am taking what i am seeing not what some developer desperate to keeps it;s job is saying, with all due respect to that person, i don't trust nothing but what i am seeing
and what i have seen was enough to turn me away from this
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Re: Hard pass from me

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My Reasons to Pass:


Published by: EA

Dev Studio Bioware (RIP)


Cash grab that will be F2P in 3 months.


Buy,Rent,Wait: Wait will be F2P before long and everyone paying for it now will be kicking themselves.


If im wrong: Warframe is far superior in content and gameplay.



I would put the obligatory ascii art of me either taking a dump on anthem or anthem being piece of is subjective after all...but those get deleted.

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Re: Hard pass from me

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★★ Guide



If you want more truth to the game running better in full release rather than just them saying they did.

For example.

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