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Re: Happy Tuesday!

by OldAndKnackered

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Happy Tuesday!

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It's Happy Tuesday tomorrow. Hooray!


- The LTM comes to an end!

- Ranked moves to Olympus!*


Let's all celebrate and have a good time! Celebration!


*at least I hope it does.

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Re: Happy Tuesday!

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@OldAndKnackered Can't wait for that useless mid season derank tomorrow! Tongue out 

Anyway yeah finally we'll see less Revenants in ranked, although Olympus is not that good as a map since it has tons of open areas with no cover lol. So we get an improvement on one side but on the other we have a worse thing lol.

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Re: Happy Tuesday!

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@Cro_Pittt It should be easier to get placement XP on Olympus. Just avoid Estates and The Big Red Building of Accidental Suicide :D
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