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Halloween cosmetics prep

by Shaddoll23

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Halloween cosmetics prep

★★★★★ Guide

To start off I know someone is going to ask why are we talking about Halloween in March? Because little tummy, game developers start creating their content many months before the event comes up. And I want to help give ideas. Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday. 😁



anyways cosmetic ideas I have. 


thousand eyes. A decal  that covers our suit in painted eyes. If it want to go extra. Make the painted eyes blink. I think this would look extra cool on collosus.


Fangs, spider, and pumpkins. Classic stuff





collosus: Frankensteins creature themed. Put two metal bolts  giving off electricity on each side of this head with a ragged design to the javelin. 


Ranger: alucard theme turn the bars to resemble suit collar and stuff with details that give it a more vampire like flavor to it. 


Storm: scarecrow. Give the storm glowing  jackolantern type faceplate, the cape made out potato sack giving it a ragged look, with a bunch of tiny wires coming out of its joints to resemble straw stuffed into him.


interceptor: werewolf theme. Give the intereceptor helmet a wolf head design with long claws on the the hands and feet of the mech. 



Really out there stuff, 

introduction of new abilities

webbing type abilities like scorpions have as new. 


Coldfire type attacks with a blue flame


extending element attack into light and dark attacks


drain abilities vampire type that life steals health opening up sap tanking. 


New support abilities:

send out tiny mechanicals spiders that crawl on you repairing  your armor


Howl: a new taunt that reduces enemies damage. 



Anyways these are just some of the ideas that I think are really cool and fun and I could see totally possible in anthem. Standard smile 


what do do you guys think? Any you would like to see? 


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Re: Halloween cosmetics prep

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hope its a couple years before we see this... bugs and content are FAR more important that stupid cosmetics. Go play fortnight...

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Re: Halloween cosmetics prep

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★★★★★ Guide

Two diffrent teams Dude. Go be negative somewhere else instead of being a * on others fun posts. 

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Re: Halloween cosmetics prep

★★ Apprentice
These sound cool. I’d rock the scarecrow one for sure
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