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Hack Fest!

by USM_Retreat_Hell

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Re: Hack Fest!

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How about EA take ownership for once instead of asking paying customers to police their buggy, hack infested crappy software you pass off as entertainment and you introduce some anti-cheat system?

No? Thought not, 1 more customer lost in that case as I'll not be buying one single thing more until you change your pass the buck policy.

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Re: Hack Fest!

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Being a fan since BF 1942, I will not be playing ANY games hat are not  better regulated for hacking and exploits. I can get frustrated without paying EA $80 for a game that EA allows to be exploited. I blame EA because if we could have regulated out own servers, these cheats would be less prevalent because we would kick them. Now I have to wait 5-8 minutes to load Firestorm for someone to kill me while looking the other direction/ No thanks, not anymore. I know EA wanted to control servers so they could " keep the gameplay as intended", but in doing so you've let the hacks take control....thanks for some great games, but I will pay no more for the frustration...I'll keep my money.........

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