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Re: Guess what...

by asukojo

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Guess what...

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Okay, despite the lack of time, i figured out that i will be able to max my battle pass. 

Atm lv 85 and still 27 days to go, this means that even doing a lv per day, at the end i will max it up two days before the season ends!


Now the point, being lv 85 in the bp means that the next level will bring some epic item with it: what do yiu think it will be?

I feel i will get Bloodhound's plague doctor skin. 

Let me know your guess and let's see who get the right one! 

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Re: Guess what...

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I did this last night and got a Devotion legendary skin. Looks pretty but I don't like the gun and don't use much Frown That's RnG for you though.


You don't want a Mozamweak skin... anything but that lol.


Here's hoping you get something you like and will use!


I think you'll get a tripletake legendary skin......

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Re: Guess what...

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Hopefully you get a nice skin from the legendary pack. I received a banner for octane. Not worth it IMO. Just another example how bad this season pass truly was. 

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Re: Guess what...

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I'd say... mozambique skin... the game did it to me (non-bp) for my first legendary out of apex packs...
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Re: Guess what...

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At the end i've got the "Unsheathed Rebellion" skin for the R-301 plus some epic crafting material and a rare skin for the R-99!

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Re: Guess what...

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I was hoping for a skin for any of the legends..but I got the cool looking Wingman skin that glows blue. I'm not mad about it!

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Re: Guess what...

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I was hoping for Plague Doctor Bloodhound skin.  I got ROYAL GUARD!  Which I ain't mad at.

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Re: Guess what...

★★★★ Guide
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