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Re: Guess players like me in Asia just have to give up the rewards from Battle P

by aryan19821

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Guess players like me in Asia just have to give up the rewards from Battle Pass

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Although I play in Asia, but I still want to support this title.


But for me, playing in Asia servers have many obstacles, there are too much to worry about.


How's matchmaking ?

Any noobs ?

Any toxic teammates ?

Any lagging ?

Any cheaters ?

Any cheaters that are streaming ?

Any spammers ?

Any zombie players ?


Each time before start playing, I will recall all I have encountered .....


Lagging in your first game, so you better jump somewhere no one could find you in short time, but still likely just to be slaughtered when you struggle to move.


Having spammer, zombie, noob in your squad - how am I supposed to play ? This is a team game, this Battle Royale title is especially emphasized on team play and you get me spammer, zombie and noob on my team, how do you expect me to carry them ?


Having cheater ( maybe shameless live streaming on some platform now ) in the game. Have fun, cheaters, I don't know what else to say, there .... truly ..... are ..... a lot of cheaters in my country, I know them quite well, I know them more than those not from my country, thank you.



Another thing is, you can't buy Apex Coins through Alipay, I mean Alipay is like the only payment method here in China now, the billion + population don't even use cash and credit card anymore, everything was bought with Alipay on PC, Mac and your Mobile phone, and of course I don't like it when the payment method by EA isn't localized to China.

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Re: Guess players like me in Asia just have to give up the rewards from Battle P

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i can recommend a nice game store site where they sell apex coins and accept alipay and unionpay if its not against the AHQ rules here. I didnt want to mess with Taobao, cuz them sellers there want your origin account information provided to them first. So i found a different place to buy from.

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