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Re: Graphics performance degrading?

by Sazabinitengale

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Graphics performance degrading?

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Anyone else feel like their graphics performance is degrading? In the beta (that's what it was) I was getting high 80s to low 100s sustained. Now I'm getting 60s sustained and I've even dipped into 40s and I can't understand it. I'm on 1440p Max settings.


i7 5820k 

GTX 1080ti

32 gigs RAM

Game is loaded on 2TB evo 860 

Main OS drive is 256 ssd


I don't get why it's taking such a hit. I've seen 40s in fort Tarsis even. Anyone else seeing this?

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Re: Graphics performance degrading?

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There's hundreds of posts in the bug report and tech forums, and a bunch on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

People with machines that should by all rights be able to play smoothly are getting terrible fps, freezes, stutters, 100% cpu usage, and even 100% hard drive usage.

I haven't seen a single staff response aside from a community manager linking an ineffective community fix.


I played during both betas, that was supposed to be the test to show how well the game ran, and it was amazing. Release has been absolutely deplorable.


At this time I have around 60 hours game time, maybe 10 of that is actual play, the rest is troubleshooting since I can't play more than 2 missions without performance tanking.

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Re: Graphics performance degrading?

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Oh, thanks for the reply, I was not aware of this.
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Re: Graphics performance degrading?

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Oooo , let me get in here before someone posts about playing smooth , no crash on a casio calculator.. Happens all the time..And yes on the performance hit.. More so after the last patch.


Time to boot up the ole commodore 64 , amirite?

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