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Good game creation, graphics and gameplay..

by Phenoloth

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Good game creation, graphics and gameplay..

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but the technical execution, player progression and content delivery wise you literally sucks badly. 


Seriously i took long break in the hope that maybe these days Anthem is going to roll out new content but nope! 


OK no problem, yet i was keen to play again a bit dive in to freeplay and just enjoy the impressive graphics and gameplay with my interceptor. First bug at second freeplay event the box after finishing the event doesnt open because the V button dont show up. 


Went to the next event and couldnt revive a sentinel due to same bug. OK! Pulled out my javelin from the current expedition to play maybe  stronghold quickplay gm3 nope this time ive got infinite loading screen.. I dont write anything about loot since its pointless everybody knows allready how bad loot progression sucks in this game!


Ok time to start another game. Do your homework and deliver us a functional game at least.. 


Seriously you sucks!!

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Re: Good game creation, graphics and gameplay..

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I am not sure the bugs will ever be fixed. Word on the street is they have started liquid cooling the servers.




                They filled the loop with this and it's still not helping.

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