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Golden Knockdown Shield

by plivx

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@full951 It's the same as purple, it just confers the ability to recharge shields when you complete a finishing move on a downed enemy. With the duration of finishers - I'd say this item does need looking at. I have literally NEVER used it to any kind of result. Not once in more than a thousand hours gameplay.
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Gold knockdown Shield too slow

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The length of time it takes to revive oneself is too long. I've pulled off 1 measly revive in my entire apex career I'm sure others can agree that the last few seconds before actually standing up is a stumble animation that quite frankly is super over dramatic and unnecessary especially with how noisy self reviving can be. Please address this soon.

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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A good buff would be for the golden shield to show up as purple to your opponents, so they won’t immiediately thirst you the second the see your shield.

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@inferno2498373 They'd just start thirsting all purple shields as well mate Standard smile
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