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Golden Knockdown Shield

by plivx

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@Anlbrd I'd like to see a faster revive time. That's about it
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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I personally think, that self reviving is making a hellava lot too much noice. The second you start reviving your self, you will be hunted down and finished.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@Anlbrd wrote:

@full951How though, specifically? Making the charge time shorter makes it OP, making it silent makes it OP. Making it a full globe shield instead of a directional thing might work, but it doesn't make it more useful for the ressing.


The whole item is bound to how quickly you can crawl as well, which isn't fast.  It shouldnt buff the crawl speed so the utility of it starts and ends with how thirsty your killer was.


From where I'm standing apex is the most forgiving version of Last Man Standing.  When you get killed, you're knocked not dead.  When you're dead, you can be revived- unlimited number of times provided the map keeps giving respawn points.  Then there's an item which when you're downed if you can get away on the sly - you can revive yourself.


Why would you want there to be more than that? lol.  We wouldn't be able to finish games.

Other than your ‘unlimited number of times provided yada yada revive’ not being accurate since there is a finite times you can be revived, but I still know what you mean tho, your post is right. 


I think people nowadays just want everything to be easier. Lets play the original Ninja Gaidens people the 1988 version... lets see what you’d want changed there :P 

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@Koochi-Q I've actually played ninja gaiden on my NES. Dang it took long to win that game. Didn't have youtube back in the day, to check how to beat some part.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@Koochi-Q Limited only by the points available on the map. I mean you don't have limited respawns in and of themselves.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@EA_Blueberry wrote:

@Wingmannedbro wrote:

Gold "please thirst me a.s.a.p." not really revive shield.


Buff please.

Make sure you remember you have that legendary shield to avoid alerting the enemy you're about to revive yourself. Otherwise, the moment you show off that shield they immediately zone in on you like.....


Yep, however you're almost guaranteed to get shot at while downed as it stands, forcing you to block shots, and this doesn't serve you well as it will only aggravate your problem.


This is the issue with the shield, it's unique ability causes a response that denies use.


I literally don't take them anymore, in months of playing, I have successfully self revived only once, and this was because a sniper downed me and close to rock to hide behind.

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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It's rare for me to get a self revive done.  I play a disproportionately large amount and I've had 2 self-revives that have yielded any kind of result in the last week.  One produced a win that I'm likely to remember for the rest of the time I play Apex, the other gave us a couple of great fights that we couldn't have had otherwise.


My entire squad was knocked and we went on to win the game - That's OP by any measure.  It should be the hardest thing to pull off in the game to get a self revive off if your team is knocked.  To my mind it probably is the hardest thing to do.

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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I also think Gold Armour needs to hqve a little bit more health then purple armour because there is no reason to have gold armour accept the colour looks cool. No good player uses the finishing move so its useless.

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@johnmiceter I thought it did have more hp?
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@full951    My brother is a pro Apex player and he told me it doesnt, so im going off him unless anyone can show it does ?


When i do use it , it doesnt seem to take more bullets, so Im guessing he is right.

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