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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

by Zeelmaekers

Original Post

Golden Knockdown Shield

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Hello everyone,

Is there any possibility to buff that 30% usefull Item?

Like maybe put more health or less time to use,because generally it's useless like around 60-80%.

It really get's usefull when a couple of squads attack but that's it.

The time to use is really too long and even you are restarting the game with like 20-30hp or something just like a revive.

I know it's because of the revive etc but still it's kinda useless ATM and would bring more aggressivity in the game.

But yeah feel free to give your opinion about it.


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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@plivx I think its fine, your already getting a buff with self revive imo.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@plivx I think its fine, your already getting a huge buff with reviving yourself imo.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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I kinda agree, they're kinda useless and once you see a gold shield activated, im finishing you asap anyway. 

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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do i even show my golden shield? or will they show mercy? I guess knockdown shields could be more rounded, so you can only get shot from the back. I don't think they should cover you like a complete dome, because 1. you don't want to be shot through a shield everytime. 2. you don't want to have to shoot through a shield everytime if you desperately need meds or a body shield.


But at least they're more responsive and work against punches now Angel

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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I find it to not be worth picking up. It takes a rather specific scenario where you can pull off that long revive, get away, heal, then come back and pick up your teammates banners after the other sqaud took all of your teammates good stuff and survive. Let alone if they have a bloodhound.


Maybe if it let you crawl twice as fast and the revive time was half as long it might be a viable lick up but the fact is, if you have to use it to keep from being thirsted, you are 100% gonna get Thirsted the second anyone sees that yellow shield 

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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@full951 ikr that's my point, why even put it in the game if there's no actual time to get fast revived you know.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield


I think it's not the revive time but the health % you have when you get up.
Maybe just make it give 75-100 HP on revive so you have a chance to shield back up or try to clutch the fight.


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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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@plivx +1 I think the revive time for the Legendary Shield should be the same as a normal player revive - not slower, not faster.
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Re: Golden Knockdown Shield

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It needs a buff! But all the knockdown shields need a total rework.


My thoughts.

Disguise it when in use as a blue or purple knock down. That way you don't get instantly thirsted when people see it's yellow. You basically have zero protection with the thing on so you're instantly dead if a guy chooses to eliminate you. You can't waste his time by flaring it up. He sees yellow you're now a threat to his team and even better he can get it for himself. Now if you toss up a blue or a purple often people will leave you to fight others.


Give it a teleport option so you can reposition to revive yourself. Nothing OP just something so you can hide more efficiently to use it.


Reduce the sound it makes while reviving by 50% It absolutely needs to be more stealthy.

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