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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

by P4NCH0theD0G

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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@Nesodos you need to kill everyone in there, sometimes one might slip away behind you as one of them does make a break for it back to where you spawn in. I've just done it this morning and it works so far.
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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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They just released echoes of reality again (February 2020) and I went through the entire process and got the chest to pop up in the Grabbit cave, finished the mission. When I got back to the forge, NO EARS!  Does this still work in 2020??

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears


@CaptainJosep97Sadly without the corresponding challenge it will not work. Sorry.

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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Yeah, unfortunately the challenge doesn't seem to be there anymore. Would be nice if they put it back in for another chance, but I can see why the wouldn't. 


I'd rather see them take care of their server issues and the bugs right now, especially the time runes. Since the last patch, the game feels somehow not as smooth as it used to. Smooth being a relative term. And very glitchy. 


I'd like to get the ears, but I'd also like for the people who played Anthem and stuck with it during "that time" to have something special nobody else can get anymore. 

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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Easter is coming up soon, right?  It may end up in a seasonal challenge in the coming weeks, or maybe they make it a featured or seasonal store item during Easter week for big currency.  Lots of possibilities.

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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I never did get them, but I've got The Howling armor on my jav.  Plus the Tarsis challenge gold to pimp it out.


I'm just back playing now to be greedy and  try to improve all of my existing god-rolls.

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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Re: Golden Grabbit Ears

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Thank you.  While we're at it, I'm at PS4 Id CANNON_JONNY.  Season of the Worthy for D2 isn't released until next week.  I'll be around if anyone needs any help or anything.  I've got my Anthem legs back so I'm here to help out any Freelancers who need it.


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