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Giddy Park Gnome Puzzle

by LightLlama18

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Giddy Park Gnome Puzzle

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Is there anyone who would be able to help me finish the Giddy Park gnome puzzle as I've hit a wall. I've got the majority of the symbols in the correct place except for two of them which are the wrong way round. The sequence is supposed to be:

Shovel, Fence, Flamingo, Plant, Glove, Fork, Boot

However i have gotten into the situation of the shovel and fence symbol are the wrong way round. The right lever moves every symbol right and the left moves everything left but the middle lever moves the 3rd and 5th symbol.

If anyone can help me finish the puzzle it would be much appreciated. 

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Re: Giddy Park Gnome Puzzle

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@LightLlama18 There are vids of it on yt but since the start is randomized you might not get the same sequence. It’s mostly about using your brainz... I quit doing it xD. Some ppl spend hours on it. I did it for 20 mins and just left... had most of them in right place but I’m really bad at puzzles and have no patience 😅

Hope you get it.
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Re: Giddy Park Gnome Puzzle

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I did it in about 15 minutes max.

It's just a brain game 🤯

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Re: Giddy Park Gnome Puzzle

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Helping someone is impossible as the tiles start randomly (you can’t watch a friend’s video unless you’re able to start your tiles in the same position as video).

Furthermore, you cannot see your friends tiles even after you beat your own puzzle.


If you’re on PS4, you can share-play and help a buddy but that’s the only way I know to help.



The right control slides all tiles to the right and left control shifts them to the left.  The middle tile switches positions of tiles 3 and 5.


Make sure to watch for the control button to appear before hitting a switch or you’ll be confused at the controls (square button on PS4).  Often times you’ll try to hit a switch and accidentally/unknowingly hit an unintended switch.


Lastly, you cannot solve it working in sequence (backwards or regular order).  If you try sequencing, you’ll end up with two tiles next to one another and those cannot be flipped with one move.


Hope this helps.


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