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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

by MuteLunatic

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Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

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Gibraltar has the ability to hide his gun shield.  To my knowledge their is no benefit to hiding the shield like movement speed bonus or less recoil to guns so the point again why does he have this option.  I see no reason as why it is one and was wondering if i'm missing the reason why.  Also how does the shield health work.  Does it use a portion of your current shields, does it have its own health bar, how long does it take to recharge, etc.  This ability is very vague about stats and left me with a lot of questions about it.

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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

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I assumed so you don't always have to give away your position with a glowing shield every time you ADS.

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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

[ Edited ]
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how does Gibraltar hide and un-hide his passive shield


edit i read the wiki, you can to aim then the passive shield appears. pressing h while aiming removes the shield.

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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

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if you are looking through scope on a sniper etc it's a good idea to turn off your shield. The shield glows the colour of your armour and is highly visible, similar to those tools who pick the glowing red skins for characters.


You just need to remember to turn it back on afterwards!

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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

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They should remove that * completely. Gibraltar * camping everywhere in crouch behind that gun shield AND body shield.


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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

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I'm guessing it's an "advantage" or "same as the advantage as anyone else gets" in a bush wookie situation. 

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Re: Gibraltar Gun Shield passive

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@Pengzeus It’s a HUGE advantage, if you ADS you get +60 shield, on top of someone with 200 health, plus his double health buff he can be so hard to knock. Yesterday I lost a game to Gib with 2,480 damage, and I hit him so hard with R99 to top body and longbow to the body 3 times. Any character would have died waaaaaay before he got the chance to kill me.
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