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Re: Getting put on distant servers?

by Wingmannedbro

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Getting put on distant servers?

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Im in EU, since the update im getting put into servers outside the EU with massive lag. Just had a game and with one team mate in Brazil and the other in South Africa :D

I know you can manually select a server which i did and that fixed it but then the next time i load the game im getting in laggy games again.


Others experiencing this issue? and also Is there a way to view ping in game?

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Re: Getting put on distant servers?

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Yeah this issue is experienced by a sizable chunk of players. I keep having disconnects from server the exact moment I enter a new game.


Seems the game tries to port me into a north american lobby (im EU too) and I end up suffering 100% packet loss when that happens.


An EA official acknowledged there were issues with server matchmaking going wrong.


Hopefully it will be restored soon, probably has something to do with the new elite que feature.

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