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Getting annoyed

by Flat_442

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Getting annoyed

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I REALLY want to like this game.  I am finding myself more frustrated than anything.  Where do I begin?  I don't even know, but when you are running LEGENDARY CONTRACTS on GM1, and do no get a single LEGENDARY drop, you have to question Why is it called a legendary contract at all?  Enemies?  same just spongier. Location? same old same.  WHERE THE HECK DO I GET LEGENDARY GEAR?  Its not dropping in contracts or Strongholds on GM1, how am I supposed to get to GM2 without being dragged along? come on devs.  Is this going to be SWTOR part2?

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Re: Getting annoyed

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If you're worried about not pulling your weight in gm2 strongholds.  First, no need, if you are in full MW and know the dungeon you'll be fine.

Alternatively, join up with others in gm2 freeplay.  Enemies are easier, and it'll get you started.

Several events are easily solo'd as well. 

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Re: Getting annoyed

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You don't need legendaries to do GM2. Full set of MW and armor/shield sigils, and you'll be fine for legendary contracts and tyrants mine.

I've had horrible luck with GM2 legendary drops too though.

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