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General javelin statistics (armor, health, shields....)

by Kigrioth

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General javelin statistics (armor, health, shields....)

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Are there any general statistics to see how now items influence overall javelin statistics? I did not found any (it would be nice to see it in equipment screen).

For example:

  • I will find a granade which allow to regenerate shields 2% erlier (I really do not know what is normal delay in combat, again I could not find it).
  • Ammunition in general, till You go out of fort, there is no possibility to know how much ammo You can take for different weapons (especially if You take a weapon where is ammo limited, how is limited etc.).
  • Overall armor.
  • Overall health.
  • Overall shields.
  • Overall speed (storm vs interceptor for example).
  • etc.

What do Yu think, I think it would be cool to play with these statistic to gat a javelin You want (more tanky/damage/support).


If it is implemented in game I am really sorry I spammed this topic, anyway maybe I will get an answer where to find it.

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