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by NyGmen4Lif3

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is octane's gauntlet going to be permanate ?


I actually really like the addtion, I was just woundering if it is going to stay or be removed after season 2 is done. It's better then the the building's in the surrounding area's. too many buildings in this game imo. I like the cage as well it feel's like a breathe of fresh air in these area's.


How does everyone else feel about it these area's? 


Would you like to see more or not ? 

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Re: Gauntlet

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@NyGmen4Lif3 Respawn told they’re experimenting with ‘legend’s focused areas’ so this is gonna disappear again and likely in the future more areas like this will come. I wonder how bloodhound’s gonna be. A forest with multiple flyers and caged flyers! ;D

I really like the gauntlet. But I like new areas overall so yea
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