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Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17


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Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17

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mass effect andromeda recruit dlx  39.99 usd  release was for 12/15/17 according to upcoming print out  I got last week but I can't find nothing about this nowhere so I reckon it was scrapped or postponed. Anyone know of this. How about someone that actual is part of EA with some input on this.

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Re: Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17

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@IBPROFEN Hi, it sounds like this is referencing the Recruit edition of the game, which released recently. It contains the base game as well as a Recruit Pack for use within the multiplayer portion of the game. You should also find the individual Recruit packs on the online store for your game.


Unfortunately there isn't any incoming DLC for the game, these packs are for existing content. 

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Re: Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17

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Nobody cares about a recruit pack! Just give Bioware all the money and let the finish that DLC.
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Re: Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17

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Im so sorry what i wll write, but whos idea was it to take time and effort to make ME:A recruit edition? Most of us want atleast 1 dlc to finish that story Bioware and EA made (i know that studio was closed), so why the other Bioware studios dont finish that story (some developers from ME:A still work for them), most of us dont want to wait 5+ years for ME:A2. Bioware and EA has the tools, so atlest send them this message please, if you will be so kind. Thank you
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Re: Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17

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Problem is we won't get a ME:A2 cause they killed the serious all together because of stupid reasons.  Said before and I will say it again though, it's BS that they brought out 4 DLCs for ME3 and an extended ending after it got so much * and so many people canceled their reserves on it after the ending got leaked but a few hiccups and they throw in the towel for ME:A.  Grow a pair EA and stop screwing over fans of your money makers.

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Re: Gamestop had new Dlx for ME:A 12/15/17

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Its the sad thing with companies, they never think with anything, other than their profit margin.


They could do a DLC and release it for free as an apology to the community for their idiotic and utter lack of intelligence, but then that would require them to admit, making a mistake.........which makes them arrogant, that they can not do anything wrong.


Companies go under because of their own ego and pride and not to mention, their greed.

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