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Gameplay change

by Gaborrrrrrr

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Gameplay change

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Will the gameplay be changed in the future? I mean, will the EA change the algorythm, that if the opponent's OVER is higher, then it is guaranteed minimum 3 misses / quarters  (no matter, that it is 3 point, midrange shot, dunk or lay-up) and the computer drops in everthing, no matter, that I am on his face? Or the EA will continue to develope the events, and the gameplay will stay absolutely inessential? Will the human = computer, I mean the computer will have the same shooting %-s, as the human, or the gameplay will always give benefit to computer, and the computer will stay as a robot, who drops in everything, no matter, from where and from what position was the shot?


I know, that these questions were asked several times, but who knows, maybe the EA once will pay attention to these things to make the game better. So far, I haven't really experienced that the EA was interested to change the gameplay in a fair direction.





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LVL game 96 over vs 96 over

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