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Gamepad vs M+KB, need some adjustment

by Abyssalwyrm

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Gamepad vs M+KB, need some adjustment

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Lately seen on youtube how ppl absolutely rock with assault rifles, SMG, and automatic pistols. And the main reason - they using gamepads.

It quite understandable gamepad need some degree of auto-aiming just so it would feel to horrible for them. At the same time M+KB obviously don't need autoaiming at all. But that leads to a problem where gamepad user have much easier way to fight the recoil, due to auto-aiming. Where M+KB doesn't have that.

Sniper rifles and shotguns are just fine when you use M+KB. But for full automatic weapon game really need to some sort of reduction to recoil, when game detects usage of M+KB 

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Re: Gamepad vs M+KB, need some adjustment

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I respectfully disagree with reduction of recoil for M+KB - though if they made it optional that would be fine as it would allow us both to play the way we like.
I personally enjoy the "challenge" or the "realism" of the recoil and forcing myself to burst fire rather than spray fire. However, I'm only a fan of this in PvE since gamepad players having an advantage with auto-aim doesn't really affect me.
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