Game unplayable as a solo player

by Renegade_Prime86

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Game unplayable as a solo player

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Honestly if you are a solo player you are toast in this game



Matchmaking is horrible, every time I play arenas I pray to Jesus to get teammates, either I get none, or just one, or they disconnect 



I don't experience the bug as often as I used to but it is still frustrating when it happens and these are bugs what exists since season 1

Same with the matchmaking over here, either I get 1 teammate in trios or none

No fill option is useless coz 90% percent of the time people just do what they want solo dropping

Still getting low level teammates who leave the game in 5 seconds because they hot drop right in the middle of 11 squads


I don't understand why I came back to this game

I keep thinking for 2 years now that "hm maybe it will change" it will never in fact it is getting worse 



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Re: Game unplayable as a solo player

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@Renegade_Prime86 In all honesty, this game is not fun without my friends and playing alone with randoms is like a russian roulette. There were a few games though where you and your randoms just have the same vibe and actually have teamwork even without comms but this is so rare though.
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Re: Game unplayable as a solo player

@Cheese9Man I feel this... I've gotten to the point where, if my buddies aren't on Apex to squad with, I merely work on challenges for weapons that I don't normally use (sniper/shotgun dmg/knocks/kills and whatnot). I don't even worry about placement or winning. I accept the kills and challenge progress that I get, and if I happen to get good randies and win, so be it. Like you, I just don't really enjoy playing solo these days, for the most part.

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Re: Game unplayable as a solo player

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That's interesting.  I mostly play solo, particularly as I wrap up my game experience here.


I get what you are saying, but unless you have a pre-made party, this game is not going to team you up with decent people mostly.  Sure, I've had the occasional great team, but most teams deserve the mute, I drop alone, and tend to ignore them....the best way to have fun in a team game, I know.


There are some great people here in the forum, if you can link up with them and are decently oriented yourself. 


Otherwise join me and Elmo in the fire.  Well, Elmo, I'll be gone after about 7 more BP levels.

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Re: Game unplayable as a solo player

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I solo queue a lot. Sometimes you get good players sometimes you get bad. Just the way it is. I just did a solo queue ranked arena game and one of my randoms was good. The big issue there is most will not adapt to their randoms play style. So being pushed out of their elements is where choking can happen. I tend to play at my randoms pace or if they have experience with the game then they follow me. I do not blame random players it was my choice to go in solo so I expect nothing from them. Expectations can be set high but I always expect nothing so when something is done they impress me. This is one of my solo arena ranked games i just had. Both did good work no matter the damage or kills. Both played a role even though they could not full on push like I do. Me playing around their pace and play style is what won this game. If i had brute forced it I may have thrown it for us. It is all about looking at things from all ends of a standpoint or style verse focusing on myself thinking others will be me. 



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Re: Game unplayable as a solo player

@E9ine_AC This is well said. When I solo queue I tend to go with the flow with my randoms. If I die I die. The only exception is if someone drops me backwards into a spot for other teams have already landed. At that point I just say seeya.
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Re: Game unplayable as a solo player

@Renegade_Prime86honestly I find Arenas more forgiving than BR because in arenas you can choose a comfortable gun you're good at and essentially carry your team


since everyone plays their better guns usually they have higher chance to at least cracking shield or better downing enemy, which in BR is a literal miracle if your teammates crack someone's shield let alone down someone


Also, game unplayable as a solo player, "nothing new".


100% games that rely on teammates are somewhat unplayable as a solo player and feel unrewarding

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