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Re: Game disconnects


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Game disconnects

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Game disconnects all the time and i lose all my in game xp / and Rank after game play.

Have give up sick playing 

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Re: Game disconnects

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Respawn and EA are utter trash companies. Why do people still give them money though? People just need to stop buying their games or cosmetics otherwise theyll continue to suck * and screw their player base.

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Re: Game disconnects

Hey @Player_7dlgdume 

Have you already tried to troubleshoot your connection?
I will post a link below where you can find all steps to fix common connection issues.

EA Help - Connection Troubleshooting

I'm a volunteer, I do not work for EA or Respawn
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Re: Game disconnects

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Ah c'mon don't be the meme dude. It's code leaf and net problems, not people's internet.

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