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Game Spotlight - The Sims series

by EA_Tom

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

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@EA_Tom wrote:


I'm also wondering.. if you had to choose, from all Sims that you've played, what would be your favorite Sims moment ever? Party hat

Hard to choose, but I remember a great moment from The Sims 1. I was playing my very first Sim, who I put in a house that took up most of his starting money, and didn't know that the plants surrounding it needed to be watered daily. So they kept dying, which put the Environment score (which was a separate status bar then) in the red, which put him in such a bad mood when he left for work each day that he never get promoted.


So when I finally figured out what was happening I hired a gardener, who replanted all of his dead plants while he was at work. But this cost more money than he had, so she got really angry and announced that she was going to take something of his to make up the difference. She marched into his kitchen, picked up one of his two dining chairs and walked off the lot with it. Hilarious.


(Note that this same Sim had previously died on Day 1 trying to cook with 0 skill, and setting himself on fire. I chose to revive him by not saving. Standard smile)

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

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  • What brought you into the Sims series?
    • He he he, well...if you must siblings and I claimed to have created The Sims LOL. We were avid fans of Sim Farm and Sim City. One day, as we were tending our farm, I said to my brother, "You know...they should do this with people!" BOOM! Fewer than 10 years later, The Sims wrecked our lives lol
  • What is your all-time favorite Sims game, and why?
    • I don't really know. I don't have loyalty to any of the games. When something new comes out, I'm like "ooooooh! New shiny!" I don't think about the old things much after that lol. I guess that makes TS4 my favorite, but there are things from 2 and 3 that I miss.
  • What do you think of the most recent game, Sims 4?
    • I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it's wonderful. The graphics are fantastic. The Sims don't need much babysitting. The emotions and facial expressions are fantastic. But, on the other hand, the game feels quite empty. I get bored with it quite easily. The only reason I play it these days is for my stories.
  • If there's anything that you can change about the Sims, what would it be?
    • I wish the game inherently had some sort of story progression without having to download mods. Creating lives for all the family members is quite exhausting. I also wish there was more variety or even individualization in what whims they get. For example, in romantic relationships, eventually all Sims want to get married. Even the non-committal ones. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Sims all behave in the same way in relationships, and that gets boring.
    • I would also like to see more meaning interactions between parents and children, and more family activities. There isn't much that families can do together. And, parents are more like like live-in babysitters for the most part.
  • Is there anything from past Sims games that you would like to see make a comeback?
    • story progression
    • some sort of adventure
    • more vacation destinations
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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

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What brought you into the Sims series?

  • It was my daughter, it was Sims 1, we had been avid players of Sim City (all of them) so I went ahead and got it for her. I personally didnt care for Sims1 all that much, however when Sims 2 came out thats when you had ME hooked and I have been playing ever since. Sims2 was a lot of fun, plus the ability to create CC was pretty easy comparative to the rest of the iterations. I really liked tinkering with S2, I wish I had kept them all as I'd love to go back to them from time to time but I gave them to my x's son because we had S3. *sigh*

What is your all-time favorite Sims game, and why?

  • Open for Business from S2, I loved being able to have a factory and make things, I loved flower arrangements and the robots. I really loved everything about S2, the graphics could have been better and if the Sims themselves had all the customization that S4 has...just wow amiright? We could create worlds and all sorts of imaginative things, especially given how easy it was to mod (by comparison to the others)

What do you think of the most recent game, Sims 4?

  • I have everything for Sims 4 except some plumbob special pack (late night? I dunno). I like it, it looks good, but it feels a little unfinished in certain areas, but its getting there. I think the graphics are stunning and the worlds are really beautiful (as long as you dont go looking for the edges). I love that the packs (stuff or expansion) are building off of whats already there so that everything feels cohesive and not just something random thrown in for the sake of sales. Overall on its own, I think its pretty fantastic, I judge each iteration as a new game and try not to compare it to the last.

If there's anything that you can change about the Sims, what would it be?

  • Townie generation - I want to make my own and have the game stop generating them for me. In other words I want a "stop townie generation" button, just like the fill empty homes button.
  • Phone silence - phone silence should be silenced, off, go straight to pretend voicemail or w/e. Every time someone calls (almost always when my sim is asleep and clock is in fast mode) it stops my clock and messes it up. (there is something wrong with the game clock, it flakes out) Also, sims shouldnt be able to call my sim if I cant call them (in the middle of the night unless they are a vampire)
  • Family photos - Adults should be able to take a pic with his/her child especially since they would get wishes for that to happen. Plus, come pics are important for legacy families.
  • I would probably have some open beta testing under various configurations. (laptop, desktop, mac, w/cc, w/o cc etc) before release by invitation like WoW does. (its a preference under your profile to participate and if you get picked you use a special beta server to test and then you give feedback)
  • I really wish there was a way to partition off a part of the world for terrain editing
  • I wish I could change lot sizes
  • I wish I could move whole lots easier (right now its evict, pick up house if it isnt saved, go to world, find another lot suitable, place house, then go out to manage worlds, find sim, move sim in and go through the whole welcome wagon all over again.)
  • I wish I could change the front of the lot, I wish rotate lot actually rotated the front of the lot so that when you take your gallery photos, the front is in the right place. (where you wanted it)
  • I wish I could change my lot photos for gallery upload without using a third party program (that may be broken at a later date) (and I dont)
  • I would not allow Sim creators to change their Sim photos for gallery upload unless you are going to allow the same for lot creators. Some of them are just ridiculous with crazy backgrounds and weird poses, I have no idea what the sim actually looks like. Dont play favorites on this please.

Is there anything from past Sims games that you would like to see make a comeback?

  • OPEN FOR BUSINESS - I know we have Get to Work, but its not the same and ambitious sims are unhappy working from home. Plus flowers...what do I do with them?
  • The Charlatan, that guy was awesome
  • Burglars
  • Firemen
  • Policemen
  • Females to get alien pregnant from abduction (honestly I dont remember if they ever could but I wants)
  • Ease of modding, the learning curve is pretty high and things are so intertwined that its easy to break the whole thing.
  • Open worlds :D
  • Private Schools and University - honestly I think with Uni, it could be like going to a job, so they could start at a higher salary - with homework, reading, gaining skills etc if not a whole XP where they actually live there.

Thanks this was great! Standard smile

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

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Well when we got Sims 2 and all the life stages were in the game, and  sims were much more like us than they had been in Sims 1. I was so amazed  by that I cried.


Then again when Sims 4 finally gave us the toddler life stage - I cried.


Funny thing is I am not a weepy type of person -  but the joy was so great it was all I could do. I do love the Sims  pc games.

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

I want to thank everyone that posted here for sharing their Sims experience, to @EA_Tom for creating this thread, to all those people that created and developed the series and to the modding communities that kept alive the older entries in the series.


So...Thank you, everyone!

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

Community Manager

@ivrognard, couldn't have said it better! What an awesome thread full of great stories, thoughts and memories! High five


Big thanks to @LuvMySimz  @simvasion @GaiaPuma  @funcrunch @Jes2G @NectereSim @Writin_Reg for your latest responses.. Standard smile





Oh wow! What a story.. Large smile


I'm quite new to the Sims (I knew the series long before, but didn't start really checking it out until Sims 4), so like you mentioned, I'm still learning new tips & tricks every day.




Don't worry about the long text, it was definitely word the read. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and memories! It's clear that you care a lot about the Sims, which means that you're able to provide a good insight into the games, coupled with good constructive criticism.




I guess your story is another example of why the game is so awesome. You can have all kinds of unexpected funny or quirky things happening at any time.. Large smile




I'm glad that you were able to bond with your siblings over the Sims. Thinking back, some of the best memories with my brother are when we were playing games together.. :-)




My parents didn't play videogames, but I can imagine that i'ts something wonderful to bond over with your children.. :-)




I chuckled at the reflection of happiness in your post. It's quite something special if a game can make you cry out in joy!


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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

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  • What brought you into the Sims series?Seeing "The Sims: Unleashed" at a fleamarket, tthought it looked cool so i got it
  • What is your all-time favorite Sims game, and why?Sims Unleashed and Sims 2 Pets, animals make the game 10 times better imop
  • What do you think of the most recent game, Sims 4?Not played it myself but watched some Lets plays and it looked fun
  • If there's anything that you can change about the Sims, what would it be?Since Sims 2 was the last sims i played i cant really say anything here, but maybe including Animals in the vanilla game. that would be really cool

All in All, i hope i can find a CD of Sims 2 again and play it once more

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

Community Manager

Hi all,


To anyone that might have missed it, we've recently announced The Sims Mobile! Check out the following link if you would like to find out more:


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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

@EA_Tom good news! it's a pity that so far the game is available in Brazil. Wait... =)

Я не работаю в ЕА. Я - обычный игрок, который помогает другим исходя из личного опыта.

Если вы оплатили покупку, но игра не появилась на аккаунте, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с темой. Там вы найдете нужную информацию.

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Sims series

Community Manager



It's just a soft launch for now, so the game will be available in other regions as well soon.. High five


If you're really interested then I would recommend to subscribe via the website linked in my previous post. But I will also be sure to post updates in here whenever I've got something new.




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