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I never got far into it. There were some technical issues, such as vsync messing up the mouse sensitivity, and I gave it up almost immediately.


Now that I have a 144Hz monitor, which makes screen tearing much less noticeable, I might give it another try with vsync disabled.

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series

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The reason Im still playing games kz there are still some good horror, stectacular and beautiful fantasies(wendy 99 games) games

sry for bad eng, khm...

Dead Space universe: As far as I understande, a cause behind thise monsters stand super natural force while humans stands high tech. Comes to be both sides imortal. It cames like a comet from endless edges of space (wich is imposible to reach). Holocaust of humans,planets,.. is crousial to continue of the game _=_________________________________
New elements in game:
Support: 1st and 3st person VR with motion controlls.As mouse & keyboard at the both time. With smooth walking.(especially gentl part on stops to prevent motion sick)

Consoles: display to see whats on the other side when puzzing el.power ,fireing, mine drilling, scavenging, fixing some stuffs with spefiied bots,...

Weapons: sounds of weapons must be screamish(freaking) (like in DS1 machine gun was)

Tools: in the other hand you have multi functional tool for opening, closeing, drilling, welding, knifing slected with one botton on players controller

New monsters: Wicked monsters..: they come to 1-2m diameter and spikening you, if youre closer than that then they bite or eat you. Bigger wicked monsters Nightmare mode:full monsters or only half comes to back life in a random generated time 5-30min when disassembled. (to get a new shapes monsters, there must be seeing with spontanies random moves when using cloud,gas,fire paint tool that can shape between(many times is something in there to see in even on exact same place))

Shops: New virtual training environments (it puts you in a game with some maps. Just for keeping you skilled with handling weapon, tools, instruments).

DLCs: New virtual training environments, missions (like trying to restore abandoned facilities from...with some action and new bosses there) as dream nightmare missions
Shortest version of the demo:
Not realy so much under constant shooting but more of simualtion with film reality entertainments (personaly I like things are not cut, if ship need 30min in one way to specific destination then so be it, it puts player in to more alive atmosfere experience and wonders with big reward anyway (and a very good times for beer)(a masterpiece red space ambient music like dark drone worked good while I wrote this))(I personaly use Roland System 1 synth, it can extend to extreme scifi tracks)

Earth:---Earth was under heavy chaos and nukes. Looking at the son is redish and bigger. Under earth is masive facility with lot of rouths like..: metro system, labs, storage,.. you wake up without any memory with a headache<(constants video effects with reddish fuzz with rings and cracks sounds also and also scenes of people) , but no blood, dead people, broken objects,.. when for short time comes back to normal. You search, read manuals as logs, playing with codes, el.power for room sectors and consoles, fixing some fuse box if over powerd.
Finaly you meet some people. Blablabla... .But one litle deal problem with hostile areas ### sectrors wich autobots worked on evovleing lots of mixtures.(over all bots have replaced scientist)

Ship:--- It big and it has..: multi tasking console operational bots, hyper sleep chamber that uses special fluid to keep body alive regenerated, shops, weapon defense system for asteroinds, controll desk.And its on a long journey way. Wake up exchanges,jobs,...
once you wake up in a nightmare with video effects with reddish fuzz with rings and cracks sounds. Scenes and locations: on the moon monster mission youre trying survive and find the way back with wicked structures facilities, and some new wicked monsters gives you just that headache bay the way. Other mission: back on apocalypse earth that becomes hostile with new grey(like ash) mutant people with deep growling vocals... your trying with some people normilize the life of the planet. Or other bunch of missions...(thise could go forever)

Planet:--- (no idea for name or galaxy not sure wichs more spectacular info). Its massive and endless ones on the grounds, not to mention cave system. It has inner, outher and middle moons (with weapon deffence system), ring it the closest. Color of planet 1\3 red,oker,black of mountans, vulcanos, canyons, rocks. Green place with gezirs. Some extreme toxic rivers and lakes also smal belt of habital zone. Air is thick to breathe as sometimes toxic. Green(acid gas) and dust winds. Extreme temperature conditions belts from - to +. Aka 41h contrast day, 41h very dark nights. Then some massive as small advanced and unbreakable domes (as also heavenly defense system out & in) that colonys live in.(from earth or other big times) Planet also have very hight communication towers set between those domes (wich would be to far for vehicles). Domes spectacular cities full of white, greens, blues. They dont let any one in kz they dont need you, and they are far more powerful. So they play with you<(your colony) giving you landing zone ,advices, orders, intel, coordinates, trespass area limit. The big ship stays in given distance orbit. You mobilize your construction site with construction ship.
From here you have a lots of engagements... engineering, travel, mining, cave tunnels, scavenging, setup construction bots, small defense systems, cables managments, exploration missions,... on the way with some different monsters than the previus ones for this planet.(now the construction can take actualy to long for a game but some people would like just that)(no people are enemy in thise demo, just some argues)

The end: If game ever continues: It goes from here to new destination voyage through complete black and endless space or back to earth or entirety somewhere else...


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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series

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Monsters..: technical movements: unhuman: like in old days filming puppets with snapshots looked very creapy, in todays you could put between those snaps with some smoothness or other, depends and with combination. Bonus color of mosters: ocher= for very long living thing-(that is not flesh any more but some hard material)-(and if not, with some additional tech electronic compartment mouthed for special supernatural powers(like video effects, complete silence but with cracking sounds, distracted visions or even environment to work as a trap like exposing to vacum, gas, ambush,..))

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series

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Hi ya @Straatford87

As I keep getting XP from one thread or another, I've found my self back on the forums reading away.

Lots of good ideas here


I've attached my 2 favourite pictures since the last time we talked, for your interest.


The first is a close up of Saturns rings, and how dense they are. They're semi viscous if anything. Perhaps if they where oxygenated you could put fish in them. I wouldn't be surprised if water bears where already happily living there

Such a beautiful natural process. They rings are also quite thick, the picture is only showing you the surface..


The second picture, is of the moon Prometheus. I'd never actually seen it before the beginning of this month, and I'm a Saturn fanatic, so I'd thought it best to share.

Its out in Saturns F ring all serene.


And the last picture is over the English Channel on the night of May 28th. They're referred to as Red Spirtes. They're basically a giant electronic organism/mechanism in the upper atmosphere.

Magestic and timeless, and yet very alien looking

Yet again any of these real scientific scenes would fit a Dead Space 4 perfectly.

Hope all is well.


And if your after a good film, may I recommend an English Zombie Film called "The Girl with all the Gifts" it's a great watch. You can also have a laugh about our silly accents...



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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series




Welcome back! Happy to see you again for a chat :-)


Looking at your first two pictures it's hard to believe that they are real - incredible! The third picture servers as a personal reminder that even on our very own earth there's absolute beauty and still plenty left that makes you wonder about the universe.


Hope all is well with you!


Kind regards,

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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series

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Mainly i just want to buy dead space 3 on my ps4 over the psn store. I really miss that gun customization and the amazing combat
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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series

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Hello @Straatford87


i deleted my account with ea around 4 months ago, due to an abusive mod over on the Star Wars Forums. But I still get emails asking me to do betas and an email this morning about this here thread.

I spoke to the help this morning. They can’t recover my Origin Account, so I’ve least around a thousand pounds worth of games. I’m not too fussed though.

Theyve allowed me to just create another account using the same email etc, so 

I’m expecting it to go wrong shortly.


Anyways hows you?

Weve been busy over here. The UK government has just given us 48.9 million to start making our own space port here at Goon Hilly. It’s a good start.

Weve been fighting internally at ESA and NASA for a while now.

Our main project at present is to make a space submarine that is to got to Titan, Saturn’s moon. To explore Kracken Mare. Titan is the only other planetary body that has rivers, lakes and tributaries.

Even though it is a sea of hydrocarbons, which is around minus 300 on the surface and even colder inside. The submarine can have no moving part, rudders or propellor as any movement with in the sea would cause it to catch fire indefinitely.


I was also finally proven right by Juno this month also. I’ve always maintained Jupiter does indeed have a surface. And Juno’s X-Ray imageries have proven this. So I feel vindicated amongst the scientific community. That made me feel happy.


We also have been designing new weapons and engines too.

We currently have a new ESA engine that we can put on our satellites now that will remove the need for Argon as a fuel, thus allowing them to stay up for 20-40 years instead of the normal 4 years.


Weve also been tracking Ti-Gong 1 a lot this week as it seems to be heading to America to crash at Minisota. So if your near Minasota when it crashes Tom, don’t touch anything. The 8 ton module will be highly poisonous so don’t touch, or even go near any left over hydrazine.


I remade my EA account Tom just to talk to you. Thanks for all the pleasant art before. If only they’re where mods like you.


Here I will show you a few of our newest finds...

Saturn is my favourite place. But Jupiter, which is older than the sun and our entire solar system really doesn’t care about physics. Those storms shouldn’t be doing that

oh and the last picture is of EARTH! It’s from Kepler...

Look how much light we are giving off now....


Ive been messing around with sticky photons and chemical weapons. Im hopping to use a reticulating chemical laser to restive matter from space next. There’s a crater that’s been hit twice on mars recently by asteroids. In the Newley disturbed crater is a sapphire that’s approximately 8 million years old. You could use this Safire here on earth to cut through diamond like butter.

The reticulating chemical laser will dissolve it upon contact and allow for the sapphire to be brought back to earth via chemical reaction in the laser itself. Then here on earth we have to make a magnetic field to siphon off the actually chunks of the sapphire we bring here.

Its the same sort of tech that we use to shoot down Russia nukes etc. 

So instead of going all the way there to get it, we can use light and chemical reactions with in it to bring it too us.


I shouldn’t probably say too much, we are really coming on here in our space exploration.

we have also got much further with eMdrives, to the point they are becoming quite viabale, especially for that submarine we are sending to Titan. As so far that’s the only thrust we have that won’t cause that moon to blow up when we get their.


my projects finish in 2024 when the curiosity finally makes it to mars to start exploring the ancient volcanic lava flows under the surface. As that’s where I expect us to find life.

My professor has projects to 2015 as he’s involved in the new telescope that goes up then which will make a full 3D 360 degree map of space

At NASA we are only allowed to push for one project out of six at a time, but thankfully the ESA has no restrictions.


Heres also a reason we are doing our own space port. I shouldn’t say as not many know.

Around a month ago a spaceX vertical take off rocket launched from Cape Canaveral to land at the take off platform in the middle of the Atlantic. Upon landing on the take off platform, it missed, the landing pad, and a 300 million SpaceX rocket ended up At the bottom of the Atlantic with crew etc onboard.

As we are a major investor in SpaceX and I have friends on the board, we are withdrawing simply because of that. It it purposed that the Rocket will be recovered and repurposed later. But it was still 300 million plus wasted. Doing our own space port will remove this from happening.


Oh and the other thing I must say is about Hydrogen 7. Have you seen that big old diamond they found with Ice IIV in. The Hydrogen 7 is worth 1000 times that of the diamond.

It sort of proves that under the tech tonic plates and under the lava flow, there is indeed another ocean waiting to also be explored.


Well I hope I haven’t bored you, or gotten myself into trouble disclosing private contracts, but hey, if I have there’s nothing they can do about it.

Isnt Science Great.







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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series

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Any idea what that update to Dead Space this week was about?

i was quite surprised to see one after10 years?...


Oh, and even though I’ve only opene an account today, I’ve just got my two year anniversary badge. Lol


Did you hear about the big punch up as well at Houston? Another reason we are leaving SpaceX is because it put many observatories back by over a year or more, when they launched they’re stupid Tranquillity Star. It blocked every telescope on eart pretty much, so when the unauthorised astronaughts returns they where promptly beaten up by a rather large group of astronomers.

since this occurred, we are also to set up relays above alerts and mars with the purposed function of having a space force/police to stop it from happening again.


Heres a few more finds from the last couple of months too.

In the picture of Jupiter, those are ice burgs floating in the upper atmosphere, but if that’s wasn’t strange enough, since we crashed Cassini into it with its nucular payload the floating ice burgs are all turning pink. We think it’s from a change in PH or some other form of planetary wide reaction.


And what the hell happened to the Crab Nebula, it was one of my favourite nebulas going. Now look at it, it’s gone and that vortex that’s had it away is now seeming to be spewing matter into the solar system like it’s a black hole having a burp


And the last picture is Titan - you can see the reflection of the surface.

Unfortunately every planet and moon we have searched so far only has ionic water, so it’s of no use to us here on Earth. Earths water is totally unique and doesn’t exist anywhere else we found at present.

The banks also did a report for us that states fresh water on Earth will run out by 2030 if not before, so we really need to find more non ionic water soon.

The other issue with Titan, is we know the sea of hydrocarbons occasional release bubbles from the sea bed, like here on earth, but unlike here on earth, those bubbles would cut through titanium with ease.

But hey, how doesn’t like a design challenge...

The stipulation is that under Titans hydrocarbon lakes etc, they’re might be another ocean of water, which we need to check. If it’s ionic water again, we will have to start designing another sumpbmarine to land on Enceladus, and to super heat it’s frame until it melts through to the ocean below. Most in the community wanted to do this first, but due to contamination issues, if there is life inside it, it’s been put back.

Who would have thought the search for drinkable water would take us so far.

But then there’s that adage - necessity is the mother of invention.


Either way, I know I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near the crab nebular at present. That just isn’t right.


Hope I haven’t bored you or dumped to much on you. One day these things that most thought was science fiction will become scientific fact.

Perhaps we will see these new technologies and practices, let alone these new locations one day in another game in the fabled Dead Space series.


Kind regards Tom



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Re: Game Spotlight - The Dead Space series




Hey Richard!


It's been a while - thanks for stopping by :-)


I'm actually not sure what the update was about. It appears that you've definitely been busy though - thanks for sharing what you've been working on and adding some cool pics as well.


So the questions remains.. do you still have time for a good 'ol gaming session when you're so busy?



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Re: plans for new dead space game?

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I am trying to play Dead Space 3,and I get stuck when I I need to do something that is not found in game? is there a manual for Dead Space 3 for windows ?.
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