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Re: Game Mode Idea?

by Noble_Clev

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Game Mode Idea?

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I don't know if the game will come with this but a Horde mode, I think, would work pretty well with this type of game. you could have it limited to a certain amount of waves or have it go infinitely. I always like these types of modes and might work well with end game things to do.

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Re: Game Mode Idea?

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That could be a pretty fun activity. Maybe have it as a no-revive zone/tower mode. A group of 4 go in and fight off waves of enemies progressing the “tower” until either all group members fall or you reach the top. Rewards based on how many waves were cleared and upon reaching the top, waves can reset into a harder difficulty.
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Re: Game Mode Idea?

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Sick idea. Just thinking if they put a pvp mode into the game at a later date, this could make up for those who don't like pvp. Maybe each time you go into horde its in a different section, boss waves, special skins and customizations specifically for horde... Bro I would be excited for this.

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Re: Game Mode Idea?

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Same here. Though I don’t care if PvP ever makes it in. But having enough to do as a group is important. The Horde Mode or Tower could still have a leaderboard with fastest clear times, most enemy kills in a week, etc.
I think it could be a really good feature.
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