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Game Damage Broken?

by UncleAlbert1802

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Game Damage Broken?

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Anyone else having damage issues? Played a few games today and managed to grab the kraber on numerous occasions. 6 shots 2 downs (145 damage each shot) and at the end of the round I had 96 damage total, when it should've been 900+ with other tags etc. What is going on?

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Re: Game Damage Broken?

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If your parents have not bribed EA your guns shoot blanks my friend.

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Re: Game Damage Broken?

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You hit downed players.

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Re: Game Damage Broken?

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The damage recorder was bugged at one point...never seen anything this drastic with it though. O.O

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Re: Game Damage Broken?

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It has been bugged for months now, and afaik it has never been fixed.


P.S. Kraber games are the most noticeable, might be the gun is more susceptible to the bug.


For me, I've never seen more than half of the damage missing, but I guess it's just a matter of getting "lucky" enough to see the extremes of the bug.

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