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GTX 1050 problems

by ElBirri

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Re: GTX 1050 problems

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@DadPhilly dude in my pc i have 70ºC, gpu and cpu. the game runs fine, very good.

this temperature is normal here in colombia-cartagena (32ºC temp here) so the temperature is discarded.
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Re: GTX 1050 problems


Hey @ElBirri 


If your friend has a issue with apex legends, could he post a dxdiag file in this post?

This way we have more information.

How to create a Dxdiag file

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Apex Legends Troubleshooting guide: Zeel's Troubleshooting guide

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Re: GTX 1050 problems

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Here's my specs:


Intel i5-760 2.8ghz (OC'ed to 3.8Ghz)


Nvidia GTX 1050TI 4GB

Windows 10



I'm running this game in 1080P with TSAA and everything on high except for the sun shadow details.  I usually range anywhere between 48 and 76FPS with those settings.  You may want to check the Nvidia Control Panel and set power options for high performance and also make sure you don't have any redundant AA or Ansiotropic Filtering settings turned on there.

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Re: GTX 1050 problems

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@JMUTowleei found the problem, it was the RAM's xD


for some reason his pc starting windows very slow, * SLOW! and besides apex fps i test it replacing his mem with my mems and whoooosh, start windows in 5 seg and apex running 100% ok.


sad, now he need to save money xD (for buy new ram's and pay me)

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Re: GTX 1050 problems

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I got my memory super cheap on Amazon

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