GOG Connect and Origin

by ivrognard

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GOG Connect and Origin

As some people might know, GOG has an offer where you can get some of the Steam releases on GOG in the DRM free form (provided that the publisher has already a deal with GOG and released those games already on GOG).


GOG Connect offers the transfer for a limited period of time and anything similar should be done in the same way, so people would check both sites for such an offer (again, more exposure). 


So would love to hear your thoughts on that offer and if you think that EA should do something similar together with GOG and offer the games that are already on both Origin and GOG. My personal opinion is that it will bring a lot of goodwill towards EA and will add exposure to their released titles on both GOG and Origin. 


So what do you, ladies and gentlemen, think? Should EA struck a deal with GOG and allow the titles released on both sites to be brought on GOG at certain timed intervals (once or twice  a year should be more than enough). 


This idea hit me recently, seeing how popular those timed events are and how much goodwill was passed towards the companies involved. 



I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: GOG Connect and Origin

I'm greatly in favour.

Great idea, @ivrognard!

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Re: GOG Connect and Origin

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Sure, why not? Let's see what @Straatford87 say.



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Re: GOG Connect and Origin


@Retro-Pathfinder @ivrognard @DarkBanishing


Personally, I find it awesome that GOG is coming up with new and interesting methods of getting their players the games they want. 


Speaking for EA and how this would work with Origin, is currently too early to answer. It certainly brings up interesting opportunities, but these would first have to be investigated which means that we currently don't have anything to share.


Having said that, I do want to thank you for flagging this and confirm that the Origin team is aware.

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