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GM Difficulty feedback


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felt fine to me today, though. its still not quite clear if the health bug is resolved isit?
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Re: GM Difficulty feedback

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Ive reverted into GM1 for now, they must have done something to the game. Either nerfed storm-class stuff or made enemy damage higher. Where I just 3-4 days ago where soloing, with ease, GM2 I now find it hard to do so. 

Enemy bullets rip me apart now.


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Re: GM Difficulty feedback

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Sure thing, @ECKHART974 . Stronger together and all that. I will grant you the health bug can be a real bear. Hopefully they have most instances of it worked out for next week’s patch, at least to the point where we know with certainty what our health bar is supposed to look like. All this time and I honestly am not sure how many pips my bar is supposed to have 🤣

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