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Re: Fun squad

by mikogibo

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Re: Fun squad

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@hayhor I think using the voice lines to talk smack is funny. Sorry you don't see it that way. Look at their club name [D*ck], player name "HIV+," and the fact they are demanding to hot drop when you see later they are weak players. Then they go with the indirect hate speech. I am not generally a quitter and I played it out with them - set them up with purp and blue mags, an anvil (I didn't even get  turbo from the vault,) and they both found purp shields. We got attacked by two squads and I EMPd one entire squads shields. It still didn't turn out well. Yeah if someone is just talking continuously when we first land I will empty a mag or something - don't hold it against me. I can see there are a lot of punks who play this game making hackusations.

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Re: Fun squad

★★★★ Guide

crypto ftw!

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