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Re: Fun for what it is, and yes I am patient

by Jonny_Castilloux

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Fun for what it is, and yes I am patient

★★★★ Novice

The flying is great. Really well done. Sometimes I like to jump into freeplay and zip around, skimming the ground and water, stopping only to blow away those foolish enough to take a shot. 


Grouping with my friends and family makes the whole experience better. Tackling challenges, getting loot, executing that flyby ultimate with my ranger - all fun things made better with banter. 


Showing off new armor customization, trying new builds, etc, these things are cool to me. I've read the articles, the negativity, and I get where people are coming from. I see a lot of potential here and I am patient. I hope this doesn't go the way of andromeda. I love Anthem and I was disappointed to learn of the setbacks the game encountered over the years. But I believe this game can only get better from here, so I will continue to be patient and enjoy the things I like. 


Find the thing you like and keep doing it. For me, it's playing anthem. 

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Re: Fun for what it is, and yes I am patient

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After reading the in depth article over at Kotuku by Jason Schreier on "How Bioware's Anthem Went Wrong"...I'm almost shocked the game actually plays as good as it is.....That said looking back both Anthem and Destiny 1 when it was released have a lot in common in my eyes that what struck me. That being....


World Design....Outstanding, imaginative, colorful, detailed, compelling...The Other Side of Pandora


Characters....Four classes, all different, each with pros & *, balance of abilities and firepower, Lots of customization at you fingertips...all around fun to play and mix it up many games out there offer playing "Iron Man Meets Avatar" where you can Fly, Walk, Swim either taking in the scenery or blasting enemies......oh yea.


Matchmaking....One thing it does set apart from Destiny's far more Player Friendly For All when it comes to about any and everything in the game which destiny still doesn't offer on various parts.


Action.....Something that both Anthem and Destiny do matter how you slice, dice, twist, shape it...Both excel in Action especially with others in the mix. The combination of weapons & character abilities can come in several multiple choices that can really provide any player with a 'Wow Factor"


While there are other areas that occasional shine, they need a bit of Tinkering & Fine Tuning. I don't think there's a lack of making Anthem better or even closer to what they envisions...but instead it seems to center around the Frostbite Engine that in that article seemed to hamper the team instead of helping. Will we see Anthem improve and get better...may come down to Frostbite as the answer and by some accounts, it was responsible for a lot left on the cutting floor. For now we still have a pretty fun game to play....but it can be so much more.....


BuzzZaw82 - PS4

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Re: Fun for what it is, and yes I am patient

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harsh to moan about matchmaking in destiny when it has 10x the content and things to do. you dont need any teamwork in anthem really. you do for things like raids in destiny. and destiny has text chat too, how revolutionary.

i just feel like anthem barely has any content. 3 strongholds that are missions rehashed. then some missions that feel very similar. ive barely changed my javelins looks in weeks and havent had a worthwhile upgrade in a week of playing. 

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Re: Fun for what it is, and yes I am patient

★★★★★ Apprentice
Only one thing bothers me - Disconects and errors to blue screen on ps4 .
I know they will solve this
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Re: Fun for what it is, and yes I am patient

★★★★★ Guide

Today was glorious.  Finally had decent weather in SW Ontario with no more salt.  Took the glide out with the new 96" rebuild and the Arlen Ness front end.  Ran like a top.  First time out this year.  Didn't think once about crashes or drop rates.  New Andrews cams give it all the bottom end grunt she needs.

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