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Re: Fun Thought: Anthem 2 Fall of Tarsis

by burbigo3

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Fun Thought: Anthem 2 Fall of Tarsis

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I just wanted to share this thought I had lately regarding what I think could be a fun angle for a sequel to Anthem.


It originated from the idea of what Fort Tarsis had hoped to be and how that relates to what the Anthem game hoped to be.


So I thought, Fort Tarsis has this history of a small town walled off and attempting to rebuild this great shining hope and bring back Freelancers. But instead it became a huge target. A great ambitious hope, suddenly attacked from all sides and destroyed before it could become something greater. Many of the original characters from the original could have perished in the attack. 


Prospero, the merchant in Fort Tarsis who believed in bringing back the greatness and awesomeness of the Freelancers could be one of the fallen. Perhaps his son or daughter picks up the pieces.


I can imagine people telling stories how during the attack, even when all hope was gone, some remained and fought to the very end. A nod to the players who stuck with the game to the end. 


Anthem would then become a sort of tragedy and origin story for Anthem 2. Maybe part of Anthem 2 could focus on rebuilding the javelins from scratch. Starting you in a 3rd person shooter scenario, looking for scraps and pieces. Maybe the first javelins could be more skeletal with a jetpack, where you eventually gain more armor, chest pieces, helmets, etc.


Sort of like a new Anthem reborn from the tragedy of the old.

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Re: Fun Thought: Anthem 2 Fall of Tarsis

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It's really interesting, thank you so much for sharing this with us.


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