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Re: Full servers

by NobleSpartan006

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Re: Full servers

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This is rediculous. I have waited almost four hours now to play the demo of a game I purchaced back in July. EA needs to fix this.

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Re: Full servers

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I am now on 5 hours got in once to the city went to launch and then nothing. My friend has just got on and is playing with two really bad players who have died 3 or 4 times each and is thinking of canceling his pre order😂.
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Re: Anthem connectivity issue

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I made that post 3 hours ago and still have not spark of hope in getting in the game


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Re: Full servers

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Especially since the alpha only lasts three days.
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Can we please get an update on the connection issues?  

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Re: Full servers

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you would think that a company that mooches money off of us would at least have servers stable enough to support the fkn game

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Re: Full servers

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its not even letting me agree or pick a voice anymore, literally just stuck at the title screen being mocked by the suits that I've been so excited to fly. 

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Re: Full servers

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I feel you. I kinda want my money back. They know how many pre orders they had. So server issues should not be happening. Why give out free codes if your vip can't get in.
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Re: Update

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Give us something already. This VIP demo is gonna end faster than it started and your just pissing people off

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Re: Full servers

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I DIDNT EVEN GET THE FREE CODES! where do you find them? id like to give ONE out not THREE, to a friend who is skeptical of pre ordering 

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