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Re: Friendly fire?

by asukojo

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Re: Friendly fire?

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@nelllkorey but you can run away from the gas, U cant from enemy fire, There is a difference
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Re: Friendly fire?

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@Wingmannedbro wrote:

@neillkorey wrote:

Am I the only one that wishes there was friendly fire 


just curious about this because I see a thread going if people upset that caustic gas slows them down and my way of thinking it should hurt you same with Bangalore and gilbrator air strike.


it is very easy for bad players to use ults as a crutch and it seems to take some of the strategy out of the game just curious if I was the only person that looks at it this way

I dunno man, sounds like a great game for trolls.


Squaddie sees you loot the purple armor at the pit, pow, shot by your squaddie


Squaddie saw you snag that gold backpack from the lootbox, POW, shot by your squaddie


I could go on like this for a while. Also imagine all the "I want solo's" players just killing off their team to play solo.

It can be simply solved by 1 function: REPORT your ơn squaddie.


PUBG, been there, done that and it worked beautifully. DrDisrespect was banned in PUBG because of teamkill before lolz


Friendlyfire is workable for Apex, but it should exclude team damage for legend skills.

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Re: Friendly fire?

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It is too risky , things will go wrong when friendly icon and your name missing above you .

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Re: Friendly fire?

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@Roadmay I forgot about this, at close range I've opened fire on teammates numerous times because there's ZERO ways of telling them apart form a enemy and I've been shot at as well, don't want this to cause bad blood between players for no reason
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Re: Friendly fire?

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 I will love a friendly fire in this game if devs add. a lot of players ( streamers) said that apex is easy because it is easy to rush( push). throw nades, arcs while your teammates fighting with enemies they never get damage while only enemies get damage.  I mostly play with my friends. it is an apex BR game. devs can add an option( intentional friendly fire) in the report to report teammate if he kills you and give temp ban( 1 day) with enough friendly fire report limits. it will make the game harder. everyone dies from toxic smoke even in rainbow 6 siege. you need iq to avoid caustic and then is a challenge. 

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Re: Friendly fire?

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FF would be welcomed.  It would add another layer of tactics that needs considered by squads.  battlefield awareness is a However, teammates name tag disappearing when looking down sites would need to not happen of course.


To many squads get to just gang bang rush tight quarters guns blazing.  There already is some degree of FF on legends Ults and your own nades.

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Re: Friendly fire?

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FF will just create big mess, it make worst game experience:

1. Your team mate accidently shot you and you die, all squad dies, WTF.

2. Your team mate doesn't like you're taking stuff first or from loot box, he kill you from the back, WTF.

3. Your team mate think you're dumb *, he shoot you in the head, WTF.

4. Your team mate throw granade, ultimate while you're in battle, you die, WTF.

5. Your team mate simply dumb *, like shoot you until almost die, and you revenge him back, WTF.

6. Your team mate simply an *, he kill you for no reason, WTF.

7. Place is so tight, bunker, small room, team mate bullets kill you, WTF.

8......never ending scenario.



Even with your real friends, this might RUIN your friendship, 


so don't mention have this with STRANGER!


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Re: Friendly fire?

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Simply no. Horrible idea which would let aimbotters/trolls destroy the game even more.
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Re: Friendly fire?

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How would it affect aim boters at all just curious 


and half and if you guys act like friendly fire makes games un playable there are games out there that have friendly fire and are fun just have to ban team killers pretty simple solution 

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Re: Friendly fire?

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if you want to add difficulty in this game then you need to add friendly fire in this game.


why everyone thinks negative. it will be fun. you will know your limits.  


they are many ways to stop an intentional friendly fire. just add " intentional friendly fire" option to report system and you like to remove a player who killed you they is a way and it will be fun to teach some lessons.

if your teammate kills you then his profile gets activated special button " remove from the lobby".  if you press that button while spectating your teammate then every player in that match get popup box to remove that player.  F5  key to kick from lobby and F6 key  for not kick  and pop up box will disappear automatically after 30 second, if a player 51% vote from lobby then he will get remove from match. this will be lesson for him  and he will never kill  teammate for loot, for rage.

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